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15.04.2024 - Manouk de Vries

Do you know who the best friend of every Brow product is? That's right – a good Brow Brush! Whether you're aiming for full, fluffy eyebrows, a natural look, or perfectly defined brows, the right Eyebrow Brush can make all the difference in achieving your desired brow look. Knowing which eyebrow brush to use for each specific brow treatment is really important. Today, we'll dive into the world of Supercilium Brow Brushes and unveil the top three brushes favored by Brow Professionals.

Why good quality Brow Brushes matter:

Investing in high-quality Brow brushes is really important if you want to achieve flawless brow look. Not only do they provide better precision and control, but they also ensure a smoother application of Brow products. Good quality Brow Brushes also last longer and are more durable, so it is a good investment!

Plus, we've improved most of our Supercilium Brow Brushes based on the feedback from our Brow Community, making sure they meet the highest standards of quality and are your best companions during Brow treatments. In the new range, we combined a few of our favorites in duo brushes. Making them super versatile and easy to use since you only have to turn it around to move to another step. Simple as it is! Big plus, they look extremely cute, if you ask us of course ;)

What if you use the wrong Brow Brush?

Picture this: thick, unnatural brows or patchy, uneven application. Not exactly the flawless look you were going for, right? At Supercilium, we know that using the right and good quality products does half the job. And that doesn’t only count for the formulas you’re using, it’s just as important to use the right brow tools and brushes. That's why investing in high-quality Brow Brushes is key to achieving those perfect eyebrows every time!

The best Brow brushes

When it comes to choosing the right Brow Brush, it's about understanding the purpose of each brush and how it fits into your Brow routine. Here's a quick guide to help you navigate the world of Supercilium Brow Brushes:

1. Best Brush for Henna brows and Liquid Dye

If you are working with Henna Brows and Liquid Dye, you will want to look at the Medium Angled Brow Brush. This high-quality Brow Brush is specifically designed for applying Brow Henna dye to the brows. Its angled shape allows for precise application, ensuring even coverage and a defined brow shape.

When it comes to using Liquid Dye with Keratin, you'll want to stick with the trusty Medium Angled Brush. Found in both our Brow Henna Starter Kit and Liquid Dye with Keratin Starter Kitthis Brow Brush is your go-to for applying Liquid Dye and Brow Henna with precision and ease. Its angled design makes it super handy for getting those perfect lines and filling in sparse areas seamlessly. The bristles make them perfect to use for the stamping technique. The go-to technique if you want to create the most long-lasting skin stain possible.

It's no secret that the Medium Angled Brow Brush is a favorite among brow professionals. Brow Artist Christy Caruso from the WonderLab loves its performance, saying, "The henna is applied so tightly with this brush that I can't live without it. Stays good for a long time too! It's a must if you want to apply the henna properly." And she is not the only one who loves this brush! Read more reviews here.

Medium Angled Brow Brush2. Brow Brush with a Spoolie for defined eyebrows

When it comes to achieving perfectly defined eyebrows, having the right tools is key. That's where the Small Angled + Spoolie Brush comes in. This dynamic duo is a must-have for any Brow Artist, whether you're working with Brow Henna, Liquid Dye, or performing a Brow Lamination treatment.

Crafted from fine and short synthetic hairs, this high-quality Brow Brush is designed to create defined edges with precision and ease. Its angled shape allows for easy application of Brow dyes and makeup products like powder and pomade, ensuring every eyebrow turns into an eye-catcher. The size is slightly smaller than our Medium Angled Brow brush, which makes it perfect for Brow Artists who like even more precision in their application. This one might come in handy when applying dye to really thin eyebrows.

But that's not all – the addition of a Spoolie on the other end of the brush takes versatility to the next level. Perfect for blending makeup into the skin and brushing brow hairs in every desired direction, the spoolie ensures a seamless and natural-looking finish every time.

And guess what? A big fan of our Brow Brushes, Sharon Dominguez from @north_esthetics, can't get enough of this Brow Brush – and neither will you! "I love the whole line of these brushes, but the small angled & spoolie brush is my favorite.", she says. "I have been using this brush since 2021, perfect for brow tint, henna, and stain."

Duo Small Angled & Spoolie brush

3. Brow Brush for the perfect blend

Another multi-use Brow Brush you will love– meet our Duo Concealer & Blending Brush. Crafted with care, our Concealer Brush features short synthetic hairs designed to deliver sharp lines and defined edges with ease.

Its copper ferrule and wooden handle ensure durability and control, while the short hairs guarantee precise application every time. Plus, as we already mentioned, we improved our Brow Brushes based on your feedback, ensuring even better results.

But what sets this brush apart is its versatility. Not only is it perfect at giving brows high definition with concealer post-treatment, but it also shines when used for mapping eyebrows with Supercilium Brow Paste. Also not forget to mention that it's perfect for tinting and applying makeup to create bold, statement brows.

And here's a little secret – our founder, Manouk de Vries, swears by this brush for making her brows pop! Every morning she uses this brush to blend out our Brow Micro Concealer. By using concealer under the eyebrow, you can achieve defined results that take your brow game to new heights, making it appear bolder and more defined than ever before. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn't it?

Duo Concealer & Blending Brush

Ready to take your brow artistry to the next level? Don't forget to explore our Brow Mapping course for expert tips and techniques. With the Duo Concealer & Blending Brush by your side, you'll be well-equipped to create stunning brows that turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

Discover our Brow Brushes collection

Now that you know about the 3 best Brow Brushes loved by Brow Professionals, it is time to discover the full range of Brow Brushes we offer. From precise detailing to flawless blending, our Brow Brushes are designed to help you achieve flawless brow look. Let's look at our other essential Brow Brushes:

Fine Liner: For the perfectionist Brow Artists out there, the Fine Liner Brush is a game-changer. With its ability to create ultra-fine, hair-like strokes, this brush is perfect for filling in sparse brows and achieving precise definition.

Silicon Lamination Brush: We previously talked about Brow Lamination, and this Brow Brush is a must-have tool for perfectly glazing and laminating the eyebrows of your clients. Made from high-quality materials, this brush eliminates the need for single-use applicators, making it a sustainable choice for your brow treatments! Get it in our Brow Lamination Glaze Kit.


Supercilium Brow Brushes


Your feedback matters

As we continue to innovate and improve our brow products, we want you to know that your feedback is more than important to us. We've already made improvements to our first line of Brow Brushes based on input from our incredible brow community, and we're always eager to hear more. Connect with us on Instagram at @supercilium and share your insights, suggestions, and experiences with our products.

Together, we can keep pushing the boundaries of brow artistry and ensure that our products meet the needs of brow professionals and enthusiasts around the world. You can also reach out to us directly at hello@supercilium.com. Your feedback keeps us going, and we can't wait to hear from you!

Whether you're shaping, defining, or blending, our Brow Brushes are designed to help you create stunning brows that make a statement and make your clients happy. So, why wait? Level up your brow game today with our essential Brow Brush collection and unleash your creativity like never before. Whether you're a seasoned Brow Pro or just starting out, our brushes are here to support you on your journey to brow perfection.

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