How to create henna freckles

06.05.2021 - Myriam van Engelen

Also longing for that cute summer freckle look? Whether it’s not yet the time of the year for you to have freckles, aren’t comfortable to expose your skin to a lot of sun, or that you just aren’t luckily born with it: henna freckles to the rescue!

That's right! You can easily ask your beautician to not only give you the perfect set of fresh rows that don't require daily touch-ups, but also a set of super cute, natural looking henna freckles! Henna is just as easy and safe to use on your face as it's intended to stain both hairs AND skin!

And for the beauticians out there: henna freckles are the perfect add on surprise to make your clients happy. And more fun, you can easily do it with some left over henna mixture, since you only need to apply a little. In this blog we explain everything you need to know to get that cute fresh summer look!

Supercilium Brow Henna Faux Freckles


Step 1 - Prepare the henna paste
After you have consulted your client, you always start with preparing the henna paste, since it has to sit for a few minutes before applying. Create the henna just like you normally do, by adding Color Developer to the henna. Make sure the mixture is not too runny, to prevent the dots from running out and becoming too big.

Step 2 - Clean the skin
To apply the freckles to the face, start by cleansing the skin carefully. For example with our Pro Cleanser. The cleaner the skin, the better the henna can penetrate the skin and the longer lasting the results.

Step 3 - Apply the henna paste
Apply the henna on your nose and around the edges of your nose with a fine liner brush or precision swabs. All the way onto the cheeks. Vary in the size and in the places where you put the dots. 

Step 4 - Let the henna dry
Depending on the desired intensity of the color, wait for 5-20 minutes before you remove the color.

Step 5 - Remove the henna
Remove the henna paste with a damp, not too wet cotton pad. Want to add more? Repeat the above steps to create a more intense look. 

Step 6 - Shine bright!
You’re ready so shine with your new and cute summer look! Don’t forget to share the results with #supercilium. We can’t wait to see your looks.


Use the shop list below to get everything you need to create the perfect faux freckle look:
1. Supercilium Brow Henna: Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown.
2. Pro Cleanser: perfect gentle but effective cleanser. 
2. Color Developer: used to mix with the henna. 
3. Color Corrector: did it turn out too dark? With the Color Corrector you can easily lighten the color.
4. Fine Liner Brush: this Fine liner brush is the perfect tool to create subtle small dots.
5. Precision Swabs: use these to easily correct the henna, or to apply the henna if you prefer a one use only tool.




  1. Remember: Real freckles cover the face randomly and unevenly, so apply these fake freckles unevenly over the face to create a realistic looking pattern.
  2. Don’t over do it: it’s better to start with less spots and to add later on than to over do it the first time.
  3. Don’t go too dark: For a realistic look it’s better to go a little lighter than the color you would normally use for the brows.


One of our beautiful brow bosses Megan Jergens shows how it’s done on her client in the image below. A natural, simple, and temporary add on to your look! It looks like you've got some perfect sun-kissed freckles, without a single sun ray needed. 

Curious about the process? Watch this video of Studio X creating that satisfying look on this beauty. 


Freckles adds a great touch to your daily makeup. Top it off with some subtle bronzer, a little highlighter, some gloss, and of course a killer set of fresh brows. The perfect summer time glowy beauty look! 

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