How to maintain your brow tools

29.08.2022 - Sima Ahmed

Do you ever wonder how often you should clean your brow tools in order to maintain them and get the best possible results for your clients? We all know that our tools are extremely important when it comes to creating the most beautiful eyebrows. The only question is do you know how to keep your tools of good quality? The answer I get to this question is often "no".  If you would like to know how to make that one blunt tweezer sharp again? Then keep on reading because I'm going to tell you the secret.

How do I maintain my eyebrow brushes?

Passion, skills and good tools are equally important to flourish as brow artist. You can be super talented, but when your tools are not well maintained, in the end this will decrease the outcome of any brow treatment. As our Master Trainer Stephanie Hadris says during our online Brow Henna course: 

You are as good as the condition of your brow tools. Quality tools really make all the difference, so treat them well. 


This is something that annoyed the life out of me as a brow stylist. A tweezer that no longer had a sharp edge. This caused me to not be able to pull out those small eyebrow hairs on my client. Which meant I was spending unnecessarily more time removing hairs. After today you never have to sit with blunt tweezers again because I'm going to tell you how to get your tweezers sharp again. What you need? A (mental) nail file, yes really that is all you need. This is what you must do:

  1. Get a double-sided nail file. The metal ones work best; however, you can use any nail file either way.
  2. Close the tips of the tweezers around the nail file and pull them downwards in fast, short motions as if you'd be sharpening a knife.
  3. Afterwards, rinse the tweezers in some alcohol and then warm water to both disinfect and remove the excess "sand" from them.

And that's it! You can do this weekly for the best results and sharpest tweezers for each client in seconds!

Wax pot

Next to my tweezers, this is my biggest friend. Unfortunately, it is quite normal for your wax pot to get "dirty" at the end of the day with wax residue. If you are not careful while you are trying to get some wax on your spatula, it can happen that you accidentally drop wax on the outside of your wax pot. Once it dries it sometimes feels impossible to get it off. Very annoying of course, but fortunately you can easily solve this problem. What do you need? A wax cleaner (often this is oil), spatulas, kitchen paper and moist tissues.

  1. Turn on your wax pot at the highest temperature.
  2. Using your spatula, scrape all remaining wax from your pot. Don't forget to scrape the edges of your wax pot.
  3. When your wax pot is completely clean, turn it off.
  4. Take some kitchen paper and put a little wax cleaner on it. Gently brush the outside and edge of the wax pot. Be careful: the wax pot is still hot, make sure not to burn yourself.
  5. With a damp tissue, go over the spots you just covered with the wax cleaner to get rid of the greasy layer.
  6. When the wax pot is still a little warm but not too warm that you burn yourself repeat steps 4 and 5 when cleaning the inside of the wax pot.

And voila that's all you need! I recommend you clean your wax pot daily on the outside and after every month on the inside.

Scissors and other metal tools

Scissors are an essential tool of every good brow artist. Therefore it’s important to keep them clean and sanitized before seeing every client. You can deep clean them by dipping a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol or peroxide and rubbing it over both tips of the scissors. But I advise you to disinfect metal instruments such as tweezers and scissors in a barbicide bath or a disinfectant instrument after each treatment. Maintaining them properly prevents them from becoming blunt and rusting.

Brow Brushes

Your eyebrow brush that you use for your henna applications, as well as pomades and any creamy/gel products, NEED to be cleaned once to twice a week! You can use any brush cleaner so that the product doesn't harden/crust up on the bristles and cause the hairs to fall out. However, if you don't have actual brush cleaner--you can use baby shampoo or dish soap! That also has antibacterial components and is super gentle for the bristles! If you happen to have a brush spray or cleaner, you can just spray it onto a tissue and rub your brush through it a few times. Let it air dry and then you're good to go!

Also, here you can read our other blog on how to clean and maintain your brush in the best possible way. Here you will find all the tips and tricks to keep your brushes in good condition for as long as possible. 


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