Choosing The Right Henna Colour For Your Client

18.06.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

Supercilium strives to cater to all different skin colours and brow hairs. We love diversity and we only aim for inclusivity for all! We are always trying to come up with new ways to ensure that all of our product range cater to everyone who needs a kick ass set of brows! 

Supercilium Brow Henna

Currently, we feature 6 different shades to offer your clients and give you the ability to mix and match to create the perfect shade match, preferred colour combo--or ombre brow for your clientele. 

So how do you choose the perfect match for your client? Let's give you a quick suggested overview of the shades to use with which skin tones--and then we will go into more detail on how to mix them and show you examples of them after they've developed!


Our current range includes:

Blonde – This is typically for the lightest skin tones. There is no lighter shade, so the lightness of the pigment will strictly depend on the amount of time left on the skin and hairs. Keep in mind that the colour could turn either warmer or cooler based on the clients' skin tone. 

Golden Brown – This shade is excellent for honey blonde and warm blonde types. This is the ideal shade for most redheads as they are more of an auburn undertone and its not ideal to match with a blonde dependant on the warmth of their skin below the hairs.

Light Brown - This is ideal for darker blondes and brunettes. This is an excellent shade to mix with the darker browns for a perfect ombre brows. Some "dirty blonde" types like their brows on the darker side, so this is the shade for that!

Medium Brown – This is a great match for brunettes who don't want super dark, defined brows. It can give a nice neutral brown shade thats perfect for olive skin types as well. 

Dark Brown – Our dark brown is suggested for mediterranean skin tones and darker hair types. It's a perfect espresso, rich chocolatey shade that goes perfect with darker hair colours. You can also easily mix this with the black to create bold brows, but not all solid black.

Black - This is the ideal shade for darker skin complexions. You can mix this with the light and medium brown to create a defined ombre or with the dark brown for a more natural gradual brow shade. You can use it on its own for perfectly dark, almost black brows. Keep in mind this is dependant on the clients natural skin undertones, of course. 



Golden Brown

Light Brown

Medium Brown

Dark Brown



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