Choosing the right henna color for your client

09.07.2021 - Sima Ahmed

As an eyebrow specialist, you want to achieve the most beautiful henna brows. Picking the right Brow Henna color is an important factor for creating flawless brows. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the right color, since there are many factors you have to take into consideration. To help you, I have created an overview of everything you need to check before choosing the perfect match for your client.

What is henna?

Henna is a reddish-brown dye made from the powdered leaves of a tropical shrub, being used as henna hair dye and to decorate the body. It will leave an orange red stain. The henna comes from a bush that grows in the north of Africa, the Middle East and India. In order to create henna powder, leaves of the henna plants are dried, crushed up, and then mixed with warm water and essential oils to deep olive-colored paste that, when applied to the skin, eventually produces a red henna stain thanks to its natural dyes. 

People have been using henna as a hair dye for years. In some cultures it is even used as traditional hair dye Although henna is not a permanent hair dye. Many people like to use it as a semi-permanent hair dye instead of the normal chemical dyes. 

Nowadays you can buy henna brow dyes in all different colors. Some of these henna hair dyes contain the colorant PPD. PPD allows the henna hair dyes to have different colors instead of a red henna color. This substance is also found in normal hair dyes.

Patch test before you start

It is important to do a patch test on your client 48 hours in advance. To check if your client may be allergic to henna. If someone has allergic reactions, it is likely that they are allergic to PPD. This is present in most dyes. Always use the colour black for the patch test. This color contains the most PPD. If you don't have the color black, choose the darkest possible color.

Important factors to consider

It is important to consider the following 4 factors:

  1. Hair volume
  2. Hair structure
  3. Skin type
  4. Combo: Skin tone & hair color

We give you an overview of the 4 factors involved in choosing a henna color.

 Picking the right henna color

Hair volume 

Does your client have a lot of eyebrow hair? Then the henna hair dye will turn out darker. This is because henna colors both the skin and the hair. If your client has few eyebrow hairs and the shape of the eyebrow contains many holes, there is a greater chance that the henna dye will be less dark on the skin than eyebrows with lots of hair. The hair volume determines how dark the henna dye will be on your client.

Hair structure

When choosing the right henna color, it is important to look at the structure of the eyebrow hairs as well. If your client has stiff eyebrow hairs, then the henna dye will soak in quickly and there is a good chance that the colour will quickly become too dark. That’s also the reason why thicker hair needs less developing time for the henna. Fine eyebrow hairs are the most ideal for henna brows, because you can create fuller-looking eyebrows with fine hairs, the most important reason why people love henna brows.

Skin type

The skin type of the client has a major effect on the henna result. Oily skin doesn’t absorb the henna dye well onto the skin, or will more quickly fade away. While dry skin absorbs the henna very well. It’s important to look at the skin of your client beforehand. For a client with oily skin, it is important to discuss whether the desired results are achievable by applying henna. The Brow Henna will definitely dye the hairs perfectly, however the staining results on the skin can be disappointing. With a client who has dry skin, you'll probably want to check more often if the henna paste has been fully absorbed on all spots on the skin. It’s important that your client does not use self-tan or essential oils before the treatment, since this can cause oily skin, resulting in less better staining.

Skin tone & hair color

Lastly it’s important to look at your client's natural hair color and skin tone. For example, if a client with a light skin tone desires darker eyebrows, you can’t apply the darkest color of henna dye on her brows because the henna results will turn out very unnatural. For a client with dark skin, the lighter colors won’t have any effect on the skin.

The different henna shades

Supercilium strives to cater to all different skin colors and brow hairs. We love diversity and we aim for inclusivity for all! We offer 6 different henna shades to create the perfect shade match for your clients. The 6 colors give you the ability to mix and match to create the perfect colour. Our range includes:

Blonde– This is typically perfect for the lightest skin tones and hair colors. There is no lighter shade, so the lightness of the pigment will strictly depend on the amount of time left on the skin and hairs. If you want an all natural look, just leave it on for a shorter amount of time. Keep in mind that the color could turn either warmer, or cooler based on the clients' skin tone.

Light Brown
- This is ideal for blondes and brunettes or people with a fair skin tone and desiring an all natural look. This is an excellent shade to mix with the darker browns for perfect ombre brows. Also, this shade is suitable for blondes who like ashy colored brows.

Auburn – 
This natural henna color is ideal for redheads or to mix with other henna colors like the blonde and light brown henna dye to make those colors warmer. This color leaves a beautiful warm red-brown color on the eyebrows. If you desire a warmer tone, then this is the perfect color for you! This can also be the perfect shade for someone who has red hair and desiring an all natural look.

Medium Brown
– This is a great match for brunettes and mediterranean skin types who don't want super dark-defined brows. It can give a nice neutral brown shade that’s perfect for olive toned skin types as well. 

Dark Brown
– Our dark brown is suggested for mediterranean skin tones and darker hair types. It's a perfect espresso, rich chocolatey shade that goes perfect with darker hair colours. You can also easily mix this with the black henna dye to create bold brows, but not all solid black.

- Our darkest and the most intense henna color is suitable for medium to dark skin tones and hair colors. You can mix this with the light and medium brown henna dye to create a defined ombre brow. You can use it on its own for perfectly indigo almost black brows. Keep in mind the outcome depends on the client’s natural skin undertones.


No clue how to mix the henna colors? Underneath you will see the mixing ratio for henna brows. 

- Mix two spatulas or one spoon (.25 grams) of henna powder with 20 drops of Eucalyptus Color Developer. 

- Let the henna sit for 5 minutes before using. If you notice white balls in your mixture, wait until they have completely disappeared. 

- Make sure the henna is not too runny!

- Make sure your products are not being stored in a cold or too hot of an area, this will greatly affect your products over time. 

- Ask your client to avoid washing or scrubbing her brows after prolonging the color.

- Having your client exfoliate before coming in for her touch-up will help the henna stay better too.

Supercilium brow henna colors


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