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We've hear about it so let's talk about it. We were wondering what exactly eyebrow extensions entail and if it's something we give a thumbs up or down, so we decided to investigate. When first hearing the term, we immediately thought of Ariana Grande-esque extensions, strapped on to your eyebrows--how could this be a thing?! But no, it's actually much more realistic and definitely not 60cm of hairs attached to your own eyebrows.

If you know of or have had eyelash extensions, then this concept will be much of a similar treatment. Just like eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions revolve around attaching fibers (hairs) with a glue, one by one, in between your own hairs to achieve a fuller, more defined brow. The difference, however, between the two treatments--is that you don't need much of your own hairs in order to have brow extensions as the fibers are attached to the skin itself. With lash extensions, you must have your own natural lashes in order for the extensions to be added. 

Image courtesy of www.elle.comAlso, keep in mind that the texture of the fiber or hair has to be the finest strand you can find because thats what ends up appearing most natural. Many salons opt for thicker strands because its much faster than doing finer ones one by one--however, this looks must more unnatural and results in thick clumps of hairs that look obviously glued in to your brows! Also, beware of tinting brows prior to getting extensions. This results in a already fuller looking brow, requiring much less of the fibers being attached because of the tint underneath as an illusion. Therefore, eyebrow extensions should definitely be applied to your own natural brow hairs for the best and most natural possible result for your money. 

From what we've read, it seems to us that eyebrow extensions are a great alternative to microblading. It gives off a similar appearance without the risk and commitment of a semi-permanent tattoo. The results are also hair-like strokes, minus the dimension. 

Time wise, be prepared to chill with your brow artist for a hot minute. The process runs anywhere from half an hour to two hours in total. It all depends on how much natural brow hair you start out with, how full of a look you want to go for, and ultimately how quick your brow artist is at applying each and every fiber meticulously! On top of that, be prepared to spend no less than $150, all the way up to $400!

The aftercare is pretty much standard for most brow procedures/treatments. Basically avoid all water and oil based products for the first 48 hours. We read that it essentially lasts 2-3 weeks, so with that being said---we may have to pass. With a price range like that, plus the time it takes to apply--the duration of results seems like a bit of a bitter pill to swallow!

What are your thoughts brow bosses?

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  • was a big hype 6 years ago. for about 9 months. Due to the very limited durability, this service has never been properly accepted by end customers. we had a lot of training for brow extension. but only for a short time. So at the end of the day we can say a flop!

    By pEter on

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