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Mixes well leaves a beautiful stain great range of colours and lasts well 100% reccommend

Thank you for your kind words Kimberley! X

HI, Approximately how many uses can you get out of one starter kit?

Excellent service and fast delivery

Excellent service and fast delivery


I get super fast I am using it and so far it worked fine.


Hello ! I need supercilium to send me the instructions for the brow glaze I bought this product about 3 weeks ago and I’m not sure o about how to use it

Dear María, Thanks for your feedback. ✨ We will send you the Brow Glaze manual by e-mail. X

Absolutely love the henna and brow glaze! Thank you for these lovely products!

Used this a few times now and had great results on the hair , I do find myself worrying about it before I do it as had one client skin have a greeny tinge afterwards , all other times been fine and took lovley on the hairs Dosent last on skin Very long or take aswell On the skin , but I do like the colour on the hair x


Was so excited to start using and offering the brow henna on myself and clients, but sad to say the henna didn’t stain the skin like only stayed stained 4 days! I followed instructions and took the online class with no avail on lasting any longer, I will say it did stain the gray hair much better than the brow tint I had been using.

Hi I'm sorry I have emailed you for instructions for the glaze product. I purchased it in London a few weeks ago. And I still have had no reply. Please can i have some sent to me thanks.

Dear Chantelle, Thank you for taking your time to leave a review. We will personally send you an e-mail with the manual for the Brow Glaze!

Delivery was on time .
The box with all things is very comfortable.The henna is nice stay on the skin aswell.Will be nice if is more strong than that.
Thank you.
Wish you all the best!

Henna not sticking on the skin for 2 weeks?

No matter what I try I can't seem to get the henna to stick to the skin. What am I doing wrong? I've tried exfoliating, leaving on for up to 40 min. the henna. Adding 18-20 drops and a spoon of henna. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas would be great. Clients don't get their skin wet for 24 hours afterwards and it's washing off after days and not lasting the 2 weeks! Help!

Dear Ash, We are so incredibly sorry for this issue. We totally understand your frustration and disappointment. We would like to help you with this! We have just sent you a private message! ❤️
HENNA novist

Hi there,love my kit,but I got a spatula and I'm not sure how much powder to use, as all the u tube videos use the spoon,I would love some help Please!! I just want to make sure to give my clients the best.Ive practice on myself and family, but I find it a bit blochy,figur I must be doing something wrong..

Dear Arelys, Thank you for sharing your feedback. Good that you contact us about this. We have recently stopped working with the spoons, they are indeed still visible on our website, we are sorry for that. We have recently created new manuals that are included that are made on the new spatulas. You probably received an old manual. Hereby the instruction step 1 for making the right substance with the spatula: - Mix 2 spatulas with about 20 drops Supercilium Rosewater Fixing Lotion until a smooth substance is achieved. It's important that the henna is not too runny, not too thick. Wait 5 minutes before applying the substance. I hope it is so clear to you! When you have any questions, feel free to ask. We’re here to help you. ❤️
Henna brows

Lovely kit , tried and very happy with the colours and so simple, Couldn’t have asked for anything more in the starter kit.
Also had a problem with the brush .. customer services great and sent a new one !

Great results

The Med brown worked well and looked very natural and lasted a while!


Really nice ashy colour and lasts really long! Super stoked, love it!

tea tree cleanser

what a fantastic product with a great clean smell


Love this brush so much!!! It’s the perfect angled brush and applies the henna like a dream!


This henna is absolutely amazing!!! So easy to mix up and applies like a dream. Gives you the look of a seriously full brow! So glad I bought this and will definitely be a lifetime customer! Thank you


U guys changed the spoon, but didn’t changed the manuals. So there wasn’t enough Henna in my mix and it lasted 2 days.

Dear Jacqueline, Thank you for taking your time to leave a review. We have also recently changed our manual on the new spatula. You probably received an old manual. Our apologies for that. If we can still help you with something, we would love to hear from you. We're always happy to help you!
Effective and easy to use, but hard to combine with Henna.

Definitely worked the way it was intended. A quick process and easy to perform if you’re well versed in shaping brows. My only issue is combining it with a Henna tint. Having done my henna 2 days prior as recommended, this process pulled the tint off my skin in blotchy patches. Some gone altogether, some just very much lightened, so I’ll have to fill in with makeup until I feel comfortable doing another colour process. I’m wondering if it’s better to laminate first and colour after? The only thing that becomes an issue then is when the best time to shape is. Any additional info about how to best combine these services would definitely be helpful because I really want to avoid any over processing. I have lots of clients wanting to do both services together and having them come days apart will deter them from doing so. Is there any way to combine them in the same appointment as we would a lash lift and tint?

Dear Katie, thank you for your lovely review and feedback, this is very helpfull. Actually we are including this steps in our manual. The right way is indeed to first do the lamination and after 2 days the henna treatment. Thank you again and have a lovely day!

Mi primera experiencia utilizando Henna fue muy buena. Los productos son de calidad y estoy emocionada por utilizarlos con mis clientas.

¡Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras! Tener un día precioso

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

We are so happy you love Supercilium!

Lovely result for about 3 - 5days but fades quite quickly, I find I would have to tint them weekly but that doesnt bother me, still cheaper than getting them done biweekly in a beauticians!

Fabulous product

Amazing product and quality. All my clients love it! Thanks again.

Dear James, thank you for your great review! Have a great week <3

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