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20.04.2022 - Sima Ahmed

 A product that has been requested quite a lot is the color booster. Ideal for anyone who wants an even more intense henna look. It's also a must try for clients with whom the henna doesn't stain very well. The Color Booster is a new game changer for every brow artist. Do you want to know how this magical product works? Then grab a nice cup of tea and keep reading!

The Color Booster

Before we continue on how to use the color booster it is important that we first explain to you what it contains. After extensive research, we found out that if you add Color Booster with 2% saline to the henna mix, it makes the skin absorb the henna pigment much better. Saline (salt solution) is actually water that contains a high concentration of dissolved salts. Normally this is used for medical solutions, but in our research we found out that because of its draining properties it can also be used to intensify the henna color.

Oily skin

One of the biggest obstacles brow artists face in their chair are clients with oily skin. Due to an excess of oil from this skin type, there is a tougher barrier that prevents the henna from penetrating the skin and leaving a long-lasting imprint. In other words, it is harder for oily skin to absorb henna.

With 2% salt solution, this product ensures that the henna pigment is absorbed much better, allowing a client to enjoy her henna brows much longer. We also advise you to always be honest with clients with oily skin. The fact is that the henna will not stay as well on their skin type. This way you also avoid disappointing your client.

How to work with the Color Booster

Normally you mix one scoop of henna with 15 to 20 drops of the Color Developer. When you add the Color Booster to the mix, the ratio is 1:1. So you replace half the drops with the Color Developer.

For light henna colors (Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown): One scoop of henna + 15-20 drops: half Color Developer, half Color Booster.

For darker henna colors - (Dark Brown, Black, Auburn): One scoop of henna + 10-15 drops: half Color Developer, half Color Booster.

If your mixture is still too thick, you can always add a few extra drops of the Supercilium Color Developer.



Small Recap

What is it: Color Booster

What to use it for: To intensify the henna stain and to extend the longevity of the henna.

Why: For people who would like a more intense henna color or for people with oily skin who want a more visible stain on the skin.

What you need: You need the Color BoosterWe have created a Henna Starter kit with everything you need for a Brow Henna treatment. We also advise you to use the Prep Peel Gel prior to treatment. This ensures that the dye penetrates the skin better, which makes the tint last longer on the skin. You will be mixing the Color Booster with the Color Developer and of course you need a Henna Color to blend it with. 

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