Lash Lifting Using Our Brow Glaze

16.12.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

Double the fun!

We've got great news brow babes! If you already love using our Brow Glaze to laminate your client's brows, you're in for a treat! Now, with our new and improved formula--you are able to double the treatment and use it as a lash lifting product as well!

Why lash lifting?

Lash lifting is a great alternative to regular mascara and lash extensions. If your lashes aren't dramatic enough with regular mascara but you also don't want the super dramatic look or maintenance of extensions--this is the perfect middle ground! Lash lifting doesn't actually add more length to your own lashes, but rather it does give it a curl and lift--which gives the illusion of length. It definitely adds a nice touch to your regular everyday look and gives you a natural, non dramatic way of making your eyes pop more.

You can easily use our Brow Glaze to perform the treatment like this:

  1. Place a collagen pad under each eye ensuring clients bottom lashes are secured under them. Choose the appropriate shields based on the clients desired result (see bellow description), trimming to fit as required. 
  2. ApplyBrow & Lash Bonding Serum to the back of the shield and place in position on the eyelid close to the root. Hold in place for 20 seconds. 
  3. ApplyBrow & Lash Bonding Serum to the shield in small sections and lift the lashes from the root using the lash tool and attach them to the shield, gradually move along the shield until all lashes are bonded to the shields.
  4. Apply a small amount ofNo. 1 Relaxing Solution from root to 1/3 up the lash for a lift and maximum 1⁄2 way up lash for lift and slight curl using a micro brush.
  5. You can find the processing times in our manual when you purchase the Brow Glaze!
  6. Remove using a clean micro brush.
  7. ApplyNo. 2  The Laminate to where the lash lifting cream was applied using a micro brush. (Processing times also found in manual!)
  8. Remove using a clean micro brush and use  No. 3 Nourishing Elixir over the lashes using a micro brush, gently releasing the lashes from the shield.

Easy as can be and such a nice treatment to add!

Let us know how it goes for you and be sure to tag us and use #supercilium so we can see your amazing results!