Lash Shields M

For a subtle curl


High quality and reusable silicone shields for Lash Lifting Treatments. Medium Shields are the most popular shield. They will give a wonderful subtle curl. 

long lasting

preferred brand by Brow Artists

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  • Size M gives eyelashes a medium curl and we recommend to use them on medium or long eyelashes.The width of the lash shields can be trimmed in length using scissors to enable the perfect fit on the lash lid.

    The shields have a unique curve and come in 3 sizes (go to size S and L to suit the desires of each client. The size of the lash shield will determine the resulting lift of the natural lashes.

    • This box contains 10 pairs in size M. 
    • Easy to use & Reusable.
    • Can be cleaned afterwards and reused.  
    • Also available in size S and L.

  • Made from silicone. 

  • 1. Choose the appropriate shields based on the clients desired result, trimming to fit as required. 
    2. Apply Brow & Lash Bonding Serum to the back of the shield and place in position on the eyelid close to the root. Hold in place for 20 seconds. 
    3. Apply Brow & Lash Bonding Serum to the shield in small sections and lift the lashes from the root using the Lash Lift Tool and attach them to the shield, gradually move along the shield until all lashes are bonded to the shields.

    Follow the rest of the instructions of the Brow & Lash Glaze manual. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lash shields

In eerste instantie te kleine gebruikt.. dan staan de wimpers wel erg omhoog.. 2e keer grotere shields gebruikt.. super!!!!


I have only received compliments from my clients.

Great to hear! Keep on going!

Sima Ahmed
Love the quality

I love using this size! I was wondering if you get more sizes?

Thank you for this review Yara! Maybe we will in the future. Please keep in touch with our website and socials to stay updated!

Rinaily Bonifacio
The Best!

This fits perfectly during my lash lifting treatments! I love the curl results I get when using supercilium shields.

Yay! Thank you for this review! So lovely to hear!

Good quality

Really good quality and a great size for most of my clients!

Thats great! Thank you for this review!

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