Henna Brows: Maintenance & How Often Should You Re-dye

During this odd time, we are waiting, hoping, wishing and itching to get our hands on some henna and other brow tools as soon as we can! We thought we would share some insight on henna brow maintenance and the importance of not over-processing the brows with making your treatments too frequent!

Although we strive for perfect brows AT ALL TIMES, we like for our brow babes and their clients to realise the importance of safety even more.

Henna Brow Dye

Henna dye, in comparison to regular dye is essentially better for you. The properties of the dye are different and the natural components of it, likewise. Henna is different in the sense that it not only tints your hairs--but also stains the skin. Thus, your hair follicles are affected differently and allows for the colour to remain longer than a regular dye. 

Remember, regular dye on the eyebrows can rarely live up to 4 weeks--but when done properly, henna can stain and last on the skin for up to 4 weeks and on the hairs for up to 6. Although, this is always dependant on the client and their skin type. Some clients have dryer complexions and some tend to be more oily. Henna, like other dye, tends to last longer with dryer skin types as oil breaks up the chemical bonds faster.

Maintaining Henna Brows

When doing a treatment on a client with oilier complexions, it's important to explain the maintenance to them so that they receive the best possible results throughout. They should avoid water contact with their eyebrows/eye region for the next 48 hours after a treatment and they must try not to over-wash their face. When using makeup remover, it's essential to opt for an oil-free option.

However, all skin types are constantly releasing natural oils as our skin cells breathe. This is a normal thing, thus the henna will fade out. As skin sheds, the henna does as well. But how often should you get your brows tinted then?

How often can you use henna on your brows


We realise that it's no fun walking around with faded eyebrows. But it's more important not to damage your hair follicles and over-dry your skin. Henna, just like other colourants--is still a dye, with chemical properties. It's important to wait for it to oxidise into your skin fully and allow your hairs to breathe a bit before going in again.

Typically, with normal to somewhat oily skin types, the pigment can slightly wash out after 1 to 2 weeks. If you go in immediately after 1 week and ask to dye your brows again--it can actually be a bit harmful to the condition of the hair and skin. Over-processing is not advisable and can hinder the health of your natural brows.

What you can do, is use a brow pencil or pomade to instead fill in those gaps slightly and wait another week or two to repeat the treatment. Once a month is preferably the optimal time frame in between treatments. Henna is meant to fade with time, and that just means that your skin cells are renewing and your body is working properly!

Consequences of overly frequent henna brow tinting

If you are already getting the treatment for some time now, you clearly have had a patch or allergy test conducted. However, if overusing the tint--clients can begin to develop an occurrence of allergies to it. Which we definitely don't want! Your skin begins to react to it being over-processed and will try to fight back against the dye. Likewise, redness and itchy skin can occur and give you somewhat of "brow dandruff". Most importantly; if you tint too frequently, you may lose hair! This is the one thing you never want, as henna is actually intended on strengthening your hair follicles to ASSIST with hair growth! But like with any chemical product or dye for the hair, if overused--hair loss can occur. 

Master Trainer, Elisa applying our Supercilium Brow Henna

This is why we want to ensure all of our brow bosses are communicating the importance of proper treatment and maintenance so that none of their clients ever have to experience this! We are all about perfect brows and looking fab, but your health and safety will ALWAYS come first--so remember this!


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