Eyebrow Dandruff: What is it and how to get rid of it?

28.02.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

No, we're not kidding. Although this may sound like a funny post, it's actually something that affects thousands of women--as well as men yearly! As if life weren't difficult enough, dealing with acne, headaches from time to time, and itchy, dry skin in the colder months--it looks like now, eyebrow dandruff is another add-on to the list. We wanted to discuss the concept of eyebrow dandruff as you may have not even known this existed as well as what you can do to treat it!

As unlikely as it seems, eyebrow dandruff is an actual condition that can happen to anyone and may seem like nothing more than a little dry skin near or under the eyebrow hairs. We feel this is important for beauticians, brow artists, as well as anyone with eyebrows to know about! In case you ever see a client with something that resembles this; you can then advise them on what to do, or taking precaution prior to any brow treatment to not further irritate it.

So what is it exactly

Seemingly enough, it's pretty straight forward. Those same dry, itchy flakes that haunt your scalp from time to time, can now actually appear in the underlying skin of your brows, babe. Medically, its referred to as seborrheic dermatitis, basically a form of eczema and it's actually not limited to just your brows--it can appear basically anywhere on your body. 

David Lortscher, M.D., dermatologist, and CEO of Curology says, "Seborrheic dermatitis occurs in areas of the body that are rich in oil glands, so the central face is a prime target. Many people also have itching and flaking in the scalp, although both areas are not necessarily affected; the central chest may be involved as well."

(An example of eyebrow dandruff, via Google)

 What causes and triggers it eyebrow dandruff?

Although there is no one definite cause of this condition, it is said that it is an immune response to the production of yeast on the skin cells. There have also been claims that certain medications and stress can also contribute to the overproduction of yeast, thus further aggravating and causing the condition to reappear in certain people. 

According to an article on MindBodyGreen: "The triggers are all the same as other forms of eczema: cold weather, dry environments, irritating personal care products, or an allergy, but dandruff has a few other more specific triggers, like oil buildup (the yeast feeds on oil) or microbiome-disrupting washes."

So how do I get rid of it? 

Luckily, eyebrow dandruff is typically treated similarly to scalp dandruff--as its the same thing pretty much. The first thing that you can try is an anti-dandruff shampoo, such as Head & Shoulders. You can gently lather the shampoo into your brows, avoiding the eyes.

Ilyse Lefkowicz, MD, Head & Shoulders dermatologist, says to avoid any cleansers, tonics, lotions containing glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, acne treatments, or anti-ageing creams, as it may further irritate the skin cells. 

Depending on the severity of the dandruff and the duration it lasts, an appointment to the dermatologist may be necessary.

Avoid touching, peeling, or scratching

Funny enough, we are writing this as one of our team members has this exact problem currently. What needs to be made very clear is that you should AVOIDscratching the dry areas or patches as this worsens it and prevents it from going away each time. If it gets especially itchy, you can apply a bit of Organic Castor Oil--but as tempting as it is, do not peel the scabs or scratch the skin as it can make it even more sensitive and exposed.

As a beautician

As a brow artist or beautician, we advise you to notice if this is a skin condition that your clients may have as it's something you should avoid applying brow treatments on. If you notice any dry or irritated skin under your clients eyebrow hairs--always advise them to consult with a dermatologist first and avoid applying any henna tint or brow lamination as you may have a severe reaction or worsen the condition afterwards!

We always like to educate and prepare our brow babes for any possible issues so we want you to take matters like these seriously and look out for your clients in the best possible ways!



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