Fake The Fluffy Brow

20.09.2019 -

“Fluffy”, feathered, bold brows have hit the fashion and beauty world hard, and we aren’t too mad about it! Everywhere we glance, we see that the definition of beautiful brows has shifted immensely from thin, perfectly shaped and arched brows to a more natural, [wild], bold full brow. Rather than conforming to a perfect shape and algebraic formula for the perfect arch, 2019 is proving to us that the wilder the brow--the better.

For this year’s NYFW, bold statement browswere mentioned as one of the 2020 groundbreaking makeup looks. Brands like Brock Collection and Michael Kors emphasized the fluffy, thick brow look on their models for the show--even brushing in highlighter and gel mascara for a more sealed, groomed, and full look. 

Do you want to be apart of the fluffy, full brow committee but don’t know where to start? Here are some of our favorite full brow necessities you can try:

Soap Brows

Here’s an old trick you can try that apparently works wonders and keeps your brows looking fluffy as ever, while smelling cleaner than you’re used to! Huh? You ask. Well, this tip is as straight-forward as the name of the product. Soap brows is based off literally a bar of glycerin, (clear) soap and a lash spoolie. Yes, like the kind you can buy at a drugstore. You simply dampen the spoolie, run it over the bar of soap a few times, and brush your brows upright into the desired position after filling them in as per usual. The soap texture is what essentially hardens your brows into place and allows them to appear groomed and fluffy for hours, apparently. 

For an upgrade from your Dial bar of soap, you can opt for the specially made soap brow tin canfrom West Barn Co. They have an adorable Soap Brows product that allows you to do the same treatment, using their scented facial mists to dampen the spoolie; rather than water as previously mentioned. 

Brow Silk

If you want to raise it a notch from the soap brow concept, here’s an idea. If your brows are already quite thick, but don’t look super fluffy and bold--Brow Silk is a great product to try out.Iconic London has released a brow wax product this year following the bold, thick, brow trend.The product, called, Brow Silk, is essentially the same concept as Soap Brows--except for the use of an actual toothbrush looking brow groomer and more of a wax-like texture. The instructions are essentially the same; slightly moisten the brush, brush over the wax several times and then comb over your brow hairs in upright, slanted strokes. Iconic claims that you can use it wet or dry, it quickly locks brows in place, and it’s zero mess. 


Brow Glaze

Our newly launched brow lamination kit, Brow Glaze, is a perfect solution for our brow bosses who are looking for a way to tame, style, and thicken up their brows. Brow lamination started in Russia and is rupturing its way in as the newest trend in the brow and beauty industry. Brow lamination follows a similar concept to a lash lift. The same way you would apply a solution to your lash hairs to keep them standing upright for a certain period of weeks-- essentially, you’re straightening your brow hairs in one direction with a chemical solution. This gives you the look of symmetry, fullness, and definition. Our Brow Glaze kit allows you to achieve this look in a simple-to-use 3 solution process. The benefit of brow lamination is the longer duration of results--it stays for up to 8 weeks. Here is a how-to video of the process, and you can shop the product here. 


Benefit Gimme Brow

Last but not least, sometimes simple doesn’t mean least effective. Benefit has been dominating the brow world--and their Gimme Brow+ volumizing brow gel is a raved about product that is an excellent way to fake the fullness.This tined brow gel comes in the form of a tiny, tapered brush (much smaller than a mascara wand or spoolie!) and allows you to volumize and tame your brow hairs, mess-free. Benefit claims that the ingredients are updated and the volumizing microfibers make all the difference in making even the thinnest brows appear fuller like magic.