Spoolie Brush

The go-to eyebrow brush


A spoolie is a basic tool that every brow lover needs. This Spoolie Brush is a high-quality brush so it can be used over and over. 

long lasting

preferred brand by Brow Artists

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  • This re-usable Spoolie Brush is a must have and basic tool. It is made from the highest quality materials like a copper ferrule and wooden handle. Ideal to brush the eyebrow and eyelashes in every desired direction. Or use it to blend out eyebrow makeup. 

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  • Use the spoolie before and during the shaping process to brush the brow to see where the brow needs to be waxed and tweezed. 

    When you have applied make-up this brush is ideal to blend the make up into the brow hairs. Smoothly brush into the hairs. 

    After a brow treatment or make up, use the Spoolie Brush to brush the hairs into the desired direction with some gel, spray or brow wax. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great quality!

aesthetically pleasing spoolie brush,

Sima Ahmed
Great Spoolie

Great quality!

Yay! Thanks!

Rinaily Bonifacio
Love this!

I bought this for regular daily use. I'm so happy with the quality and price! I have min for 5 years now and it's still good as new! Amazing quality!

Good to hear! Thank you so much for this review!

Great brush!

Everyone needs this brush for brow treatments. Also handy for the client to brush their hairs days after the treatment!

Good to hear Loïs! Thanks for this review.

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