20 Ways To Stay Healthy, Happy & Productive During Self Isolation

01.04.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

Let's admit it, this is one strange period for all of us--globally. There is a worldwide pandemic happening and the uncertainty of it all definitely affects us in different ways. Some handle it better than others--while others are truly struggling a bit. And that's okay. That's why we all need to look out for one another and help each other however we can in this period. 

There is much more going on than a financial deficit. Self isolation is not necessarily the easiest and most pleasant experience for all. Some people who are used to their fast paced lives and daily social interaction may find it much more difficult to stay healthy--both physically and mentally, as well as equally as productive in their newly adjusted lives. We want to give you 20 suggestions on how to stay your healthiest and most productive during this self quarantine.

While being at home, here are some great ways to either calm your nerves, relax, be productive, and stay healthy:

1. Puzzles - Puzzles are a great way to relax, keep your brain stimulated, and be occupied for hours--without being glued to Netflix! Order a 500 or 1000 piece puzzle online and get to enjoying!

2. Create a blog/vlog/Instagram about your experience - This is actually a great way to stay productive and accept as well as recognize the reality of this situation. Whether its writing an article, making a video, or posting a picture or any emotions or feelings you're having; daily, weekly, biweekly, etc. This helps you express yourself and accept the situation and see how strong you are when it's all over. 

3. Keep moving and exercise - This may seem like a give-in, but many people don't actually take it seriously enough. Physical movement stimulates your endorphins--you are scientifically HAPPIER and more calm when you exercise. But it doesn't need to be crossfit level! Try ordering a yoga mat, some weights, or resistance bands! A great way to start every morning is to follow a workout on Youtube and make it a routine! Not able to buy weights? Try lifting wine bottles or fill empty mason jars with rice accordingly!

4. Yoga - This is an awesome way to keep moving and clear your mind. You will feel so much more relieved, accomplished, and focused after even 30 minutes of yoga. You can search Youtube for thousands of free "yoga at home" videos or even check with your local gym or yoga studio for free online classes/livestreams available during this time!

5. Meditate - This is a great idea not only for people who struggle with anxiety, but all of us lately! Try downloading a meditation app like Headspace for instance.

6. Law of Attraction Mantras - If you are a believer in thinking positive to attract positivity--then this ones for you. If not, you should start being a believer during this period! Look up some Law of Attraction guided daily mantras and try speaking them out loud/looking into a mirror when you wake up and go to sleep. You'll see how your mood and overall thinking will drastically change for the better. Put positivity into the universe and you will get it in return. Believe in what you want and see the results.

7. Healthy Baking - Everyone knows that baking is the ultimate therapy! This is relaxing, fun, and delicious. This is also a great opportunity to take advantage of homemade goodies. You can definitely make 100 cookies and binge on them but what you can also do is check Pinterest for some delicious and healthy options! Save them to a board and bake away!

8. Pinterest Boards - Speaking of Pinterest--have you tried it out? Create some boards for the dream life you want so it's more of a manifestation mood board! Create a dream home decor board, fun outfits board, decorations you like, dream wedding, dream home, etc. It's actually super relaxing and tons of fun. 

9. Plants and gardening - This is a great way to get some nature in your life and relax your mind. Order some new plants to spruce up the house and give it some botanical jazz. If you have a balcony or garden--this is your time to shine! Go give it a makeover and make it cozy for these upcoming warmer spring nights or plant some new flowers or herbs/veggies you can grow on your own.

10. PURGE -That's right. The time has come. Go through your closet and get rid of what you don't want anymore, donate your clothes! Go through your kitchen cabinets and get rid of that old rice and bay leaf from years ago! Check for doubled or empty spices you don't need anymore! Clean your fridge, storage room, and makeup!

11. "Your storage is almost full" - Yeah. We know. This is the moment to take care of it. Go through your phone photo gallery and computer memory and storage and clear that ish out at last!

12. Update your CV and make it better! - Whether you are looking for another job or not, go update and fix your resume and make it that much more awesome. You never know when you'll need it and you definitely don't know when you'll have this much time on your hands again. 

13. Clear out your mail inbox! - There is no reason to have 5857 unread emails at this point. 

14. Find an awesome new book or podcast. -If you miss social interaction, find a free online book club you can join. 

15. Free online education courses! - This is a great time to expand your knowledge and learn something new! Looking for free education? 

16. Rearrange your house - Why not? Maybe a small change is what you need. Switch your bed up, move that couch, shift the coffee table. Check Pinterest for some awesome inspo. 

17. Get your Gordon Ramsay on - Try to cook more now, as you are at home and it's safer than ordering from somewhere. This is a great opportunity to create more fun, creative, and healthy meals and options. 

18. Parli italiani? Est-ce que tu parles français? - Learn a new language for free with Duolingo, now you have time to practice for fun!

19. Check in with others - This is crucial. Get on the phone, speak with people, interact regularly so you don't feel isolated and on the contrary--others don't either. You never know how others are feeling or affected by this. Speaking with others helps you and them, it eases this whole situation. So hit Facetime and give someone a smile. 

20. Short activities during the day - Everyday, no matter what it is, try to get some air or activity and give your mind a break. Even if its dancing to your favourite song, going for a quick 15 minute walk down the block (keeping your distance from others and staying safe), or even jump roping for 10 minutes--give yourself a quick pick me up and your mind a brief distraction. 

Stay strong beauties, we will all get through this! 

Although we don't have any control over how long this will last--we do have control over doing our part, individually and STAYING HOME. Let's all work together to help this pass as soon as possible so life can go back to normal!

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