What is a consent form?

25.07.2022 - Sima Ahmed

With any aesthetic treatment, there is a chance of an adverse outcome. If a client has a contraindication to a service it should not be performed. If that happens and the treatment has a negative effect, who bears the responsibility for this? In this case, a consent form will be your lifesaver. If you want to know how, read on.

What is included in a consent form?

Personal information

A consent form always asks for personal information such as name, age, address and phone number. Important topics such as allergies, illnesses or medications are also important to include in a consent form. So you are already professionally aware of possible contraindications. By knowing prior to the treatment what possible contraindications of your client are, you can prevent a lot of trouble afterwards.

Possible risks

Apart from personal information about the client, a consent form also mentions possible risks that may occur with the chosen treatment. With this you inform the client immediately what the risks are of the treatment. On the consent form you indicate that the client has recognized these risks before the treatment and still wants to proceed.

Adjusting expectations

Nowadays there are hundreds of different beauty treatments offered. But unfortunately not every treatment is for everyone. While filling out a consent form, it is important to talk to your client to find out what his / her wishes are.
If your client has impossible expectations of the treatment, this is the time to adjust the expectations of the client.

Here are the most important questions you can ask your client to make them more comfortable while also making you more aware of their needs:

  • When getting to know your client, ask them what they like.
  • What brow shapes do they find beautiful
  • What is their story with their brows?
  • What look are they going for?
  • Have they used Supercilium before?
  • Have they had the chosen treatment before
  • Have they had their brows shaped/waxed/threaded before?
  • Do they have a color preference?
  • Are they aware of the contraindications?

For some treatments, it might be helpful to let your client fill out a consent form or a waiver.

What is it useful for?

A consent form is useful for several reasons. First of all, a consent form is even mandatory in Countries like United Kingdom and United States. Check to see if it is required in your country and for which treatment.

Contra indications

Most treatments have contraindications. This means that some treatments cannot be performed on people with certain allergies, diseases or medications. It is very important to clearly state these contra indications. Advice is also never to perform a treatment on a person with a medical contraindication.
For example: A person who has a PPD allergy should not be dyed with henna/hybrid dye.

In addition, people may also be unfit for a particular treatment. It is important that you advise the client well before a treatment and also state your advice in the consent form so that afterwards you are not blamed if the treatment did not work or is not as desired. For example: A person has short eyelashes and would like a lash Lift. Despite you advising against this and explaining to the client that the possible result is minimal she still wants to do it.


In addition, you protect yourself and your client with a consent form. It is necessary to clearly state all risks of a treatment prior to the treatment. Your client must know what risks he/she may incur as a result of the treatment. If complications do occur after treatment you can't be held liable.

Download brow treatment consent forms

We created three different Supercilium consent forms for each treatment: Henna Brows, Brow & Lash Dye and Brow & Lash Lamination. Click on the Download buttons and print your consent forms! 

Brow Henna


If you want to create one yourself you can of course do this as well. There are numerous websites that offer a pre-made templates that you can personalize to your preferences and branding. Remember ladies, safety is always key! 

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