Top 10 Henna Brows Results

31.01.2022 - Sima Ahmed

As a Brow Henna company, we often see brow artists posting beautiful pictures on the gram. That's why we decided to pull all the beautiful Henna Brow results together and showcase the 10 most beautiful images. Hopefully these beautiful Henna Brows will give you even more motivation to take beautiful brow selfies again!

Tips for taking good eyebrow photos

Before I show you the top 10 results. I want to talk about taking good photos of brows. The real struggle is when you have created beautiful henna eyebrows, but they don’t come out well in the photo. We have a few tips to get the beautiful eyebrows in a good photo. 

Camera: You need a good camera. No, I don’t mean a pro canon camera but a phone with a good camera will do it. Nowadays phones have good cameras and are convenient to use. I’m an iPhone lover and have found that with an iPhone you can take great sharp and clear pictures.

Light: To take a good brow photo you need enough light. Only daylight will not suffice. Therefore, use a salon lamp or ring light. These ensure that the face of your client is clearly visible.

The right angle: This is perhaps the most important tip. Finding the right angle is very hard. Hold the camera close to the face and make sure the image is sharp. Often the best angle is just diagonal to the eyebrows.

Concealer: This is optional and can certainly create beautiful and sleek results. The skin around the eyebrows can often be red after a brow treatment. To hide blemishes and redness you can use concealer, this will increase the focus on the eyebrow.

Brow Henna


Above you see a beautiful Blonde Henna result created by @perfectionelement. The henna color blonde is suitable for light skins who desire a natural henna effect.



This beautiful Auburn henna result was created by the girls at @browstories. The Auburn Henna is a perfect color for people who want a warm color. This color looks extremely beautiful and natural on redheaded types. 


Light Brown 

The beautiful end result from here above was created by @browsbyjola.
The Light Brown Henna is suitable for both blondes and brunnetes. The Light Brown is ideal for blondies who want one or two shades darker brows and for brunnetes this is a beautiful natural shade.


Medium Brown

The Medium Brown color is a beautiful ashy color and is therefore suitable for people who want an ashy undertone. It can be used on light skins with dark hair as well as on tinted skins. This one is created by @browtivity.


Dark Brown

 The beautiful Dark Brown results above were created by @beautybyambernl The color Dark Brown is a color that looks great on light skin with dark fine hairs as well as on skin with a medium to dark tone. The dark brown has a warm undertone but does not leave a warm stain on the skin.



Finally, the beautiful Black henna results from @thewonderlabc. The black henna color looks best on dark skins. This henna henna shade is also often used in combination with another henna shade.


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