This is why you want to add retail in your salon

04.10.2022 - Sima Ahmed

Having your own (brow) salon is great, exciting and sometimes stressful. It's great to style your own salon and offer treatments and brands that you fully support. But sometimes it can also be pretty tough. What do you do in periods when fewer treatments are booked in the salon? What do you do to earn extra money? Today I want to explain you the benefits of adding retail top your salon. And how you can give your salon a boost without having to put in a lot of effort.

Benefits of retail in your salon

As a salon owner, you have different tasks and responsibilities. On the long term we see that only performing treatments doesn't generate enough revenue if you want to continue your growth. Since you only have two hands and you always have the same amount of treatment spots available. Did you know that you can increase your yearly revenue by 10-30% by doing nothing else than upselling your customers? A big advantage of retail is that you don't have to put much energy and time into it but it can generate a lot of revenue. What is mostly needed is enthusiasm and the right offering for your clients.

In the Netherlands the average revenue of a beauty salon is €45K. This means with a good upsell plan and products you will increase your revenue to 49K/58K without much extra effort.

What you need to become a successful reseller is: a strategy, the right products and promotion. Below you see a case example if you would be reselling products in your salon:


Case example if you start upselling


Here you can see that additional sales lead to more revenue. It would almost be a shame if you didn't do this. Especially after the experience in recent years when many salons were closed due to the pandemic. Selling products during that period was the only way to still earn money. But how do you tackle this, where to start and what strategy should you use?

How to create the right retail strategy

Step 1: Finding the right brow brand you want to resell

It is important to research which brand fits the identity of your salon. An easy way is to look at the brands you already work with in your salon. If you are satisfied with their quality and products, you can always consider purchasing additional products to sell.

Want to work with a new brand? Research what the brand stands for, what their brand value is and think about why you think this brand fits your business and your customers. Order a kit to try the products yourself and judge whether they meet your expectations.

It is important to choose a brand that is close to your own identity. But also satisfy the needs of your clients. It doesn't look very reliable if you sell products in a 100% vegan salon that have been tested on animals. This can even damage your reputation. So, decide wisely which brand you want to sell.

Step 2: Get to know the brands you work with

After you have chosen a brand, you want to work with, it is time to know the brand well. After all, you want to be able to tell your clients everything about how the product works, benefits, and uses. Therefore, it is important to know everything about the brand and product. Anno 2022 people no longer buy just the products, they buy the whole brand experience and story behind it.

Clients are willing to spend more money if they feel connected to the brand. It's important to have a lot of background information about the products but also about the brand identity. Therefore, take courses if they are available or ask for brochures and/or information documents about the products. This will allow you to read up on the products. But most of all, use them yourselves, your personal success story with products is always the strongest story to tell.

Step 3: Create a retail plan for your customers

After you are fully dived into the brand. The time has come to convince and inform your clients about the products. You can do this in different ways. Money is rarely the issue. Your clients are willing to spend money on their beauty when coming to your salon already. It’s all about thought-leadership & solving a client’s problem. Clients want to learn from someone they believe can make them look and feel beautiful. And that person is you!

1. Create awareness
Create disruptors in your salon that can't be ignored. Also place display products at the reception. You can offer special deals to get to know the brand. Or offer discounts for regular clients. Don't forget your entrance and the outside area to communicate deals. You can also use different marketing channels to let them know what you offer such as Google ads, Emails, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Tip: During a brow treatment it's the perfect moment to update your client on the products you offer. This means that you don't have to spend extra time explaining the products after the treatment. Win-win!

2. Allow clients to experience the brand.
The best way to get your client excited about the products is to let them feel the products on their skin and see what kind of results the products give. Products can also be problem solving for the client. Again, clients often want to buy the desired look out possible outcome more than specific products.

When a client finds a stylist that they trust, they’ll stick with them for life. Clients come to you to get beautiful eyebrows. As a client, you want to maintain the perfect eyebrow look for as long as possible. By selling products that your client can use to maintain her eyebrows during the time between treatments, you offer them a solution. They will get back for new treatments and if they run out of their favorite products.

Tip: Teach her how she can create the perfect brow look at home and what extra effect brow make up can do for her brows in between appointments.

The product should be used as a problem-solving. The client often buys a product to solve a problem they are experiencing. By talking to the client, you can find out what problems they are facing and where they need extra help. Therefore, special products chosen by you, the beauty expert, help your clients to archive those goals!

3. Make your customers loyal.
If your customers are satisfied with the products, they will purchase new products themselves when they run out. But sometimes it is necessary to provide extra service to make customers loyal to you. But how do you keep customers loyal?

It is important to ask your client who has purchased a product after a while what they think of the product. By doing this you will find out if she encounters any problems and you may be able to help her. Also, offering a loyalty card can make them more loyal. For example a stamp card, with the offer that after 6 purchases the client gets an X% discount on a treatment or product.

Tip: Write down in the system what products and colors you sold to the customer. In case they want to buy a new one you will know what products she bought last time.

Become an SC reseller

Enthusiastic to start offering retail? As you probably have seen by now, we have launched our own cosmetics line. Behind the scenes we have been working hard the last few years to create the perfect eyebrow make-up. Besides offering Salon products we now have a cosmetics line that you can offer to your clients.

Do you want to turn every eyebrow treatment into an upselling opportunity? Extend your brow magic to your clients' homes by upselling Supercilium Cosmetics and helping them maintain their desired brow look between treatments. Would you like to know more about selling in your salon click on this link. We will sent you all info of becoming a reseller. Already convinced? You can also mail to Our Account Manager Maria is ready to help you!

Cosmetics Introduction Offer | 20% discount

This is the perfect opportunity to become a Supercilium reseller and to give your salon a boost. We have created a special introduction kit for you so you can easily test the products! The kit contains 1 item of each color. You get a total of six Brow Micro Pencils, three Brow Micro Concealers and 1 Brow Control.

Different kits

If you want to make more profit by selling more products we can offer you different retail packages. The more you order, the bigger the purchase advantage and the bigger your bonus add-ons like our cosmetics display. Curious about this? Leave your details here and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the possibilities.


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