The new chapter of Supercilium

07.04.2021 - Manouk de Vries

It's time to show the real character of Supercilium. When Supercilium first launched I loved the black and white. It’s minimalistic, it looks fancy and you can never go wrong with it. Black and white is safe, and that was also the issue with the old look. It’s too safe and not taking any risk. 

With Supercilium I want to challenge my community to live bold, chase their dreams and to show character. To do this, I need to start at my own core, but also at the core of the brand. The previous identity was not reflecting the boldness I had in mind for the future. It was time to bring color, to bring a statement and to show the real Supercilium. 

A brand is like a living being. It has a soul and a character. It grows and develops over time. Supercilium became mature and the old didn’t match the current values and future plans anymore. 

The choice for radical change in colors all has to do with the energy that is inside the brand and inside the community. We work with so many highly talented people, with big ambitions and with so many special stories. Many of our community really want to empower womanhood. We want that to flourish by building a challenging environment. 

The past year we have worked with our team to make this happen. To start with, we have developed our own formula with a R&D in the Netherlands, we have started up our own production chain for the packaging and we have put much effort into the designs. The covid-19 pandemic was a huge bottle neck for us. The world logistic systems was almost completely shut down and we had a huge drop in sales so we couldn’t finance the relaunch project, but it also brought opportunities and creativity. 

At Supercilium this is just the beginning of a new chapter. To become the global community for everything that has to do with brows. Thank you for being part of our journey. Let’s grow together! 

Founder of Supercilium

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