The 21st Century Brow Perm You Need

13.09.2019 - Monique Kaminskaya

The 80’s called and said “bring back the perm”. Nope, not the poodle curls for your head--but rather in the form of a straight perm for your brow hairs. Huh? You must think we’re crazy, but no--this is the trend of the year and we’re here to explain how 2019 has brought us to laminating our brows and why we’re obsessed. 

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination follows a similar concept to alash lift. The same way you would apply a solution to your lash hairs to keep them standing upright for a certain period of weeks--the same goes for the brow hairs. Essentially, you’re straightening your brow hairs in one direction with a chemical solution (the perm)--which gives you the look of symmetry, fullness, and definition. 

How does it work?

It’s a relatively simple process and gets quicker and easier with each time you perform it. It starts off with brushing the eyebrow hairs--if the hairs are difficult to maintain (i.e. bushy, thick, sparse hairs), use the special glue to position the hairs into place. 

You start with the first solution, which makes the hairs more soft and manageable. The brow hairs are then covered with plastic cling wrap for several minutes, wiping the solution off afterwards. 

Next up is the perm solution itself. You apply it onto the hairs in the same style, with the provided microbrush. This solution has the chemical (you will smell it!) that keeps the brow hairs set in place. You apply the plastic cling wrap over the hairs again and leave it on for a few mins, time depending on the density of the eyebrows. 

Last step is wiping off the perm solution and treating your hairs to some nourishing oil to restore the hair structure and have them shining and healthy. You apply the nourishing elixir with the microbrush and remove the oil after two hours with a cotton pad! Thats it!

As simple as that, you have groomed, fuller looking, symmetrical brows that define your facial features with a “brow lift” effect. 

 Who is it for?

Brow lamination is definitely not for everyone. The effect of fuller, thicker brows works best with a set of already thick and unruly brows. Essentially, you can groom them and arrange the hairs into place with the formula--but the results aren’t the same with thinner brows lacking much hair to work with. 

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