Why guys should take care of their eyebrows too

30.09.2021 - Sima Ahmed

Most men go to the barber every few weeks to get their fresh haircut and their beard trimmed. But do you know that most men leave their eyebrows untouched? A shame if you ask me! The eyebrow is one of the most important features of the face. In other words, men’s eyebrows can make or break the face (just like having or not having a beard). But why is it that many men still skip this part of the face?

Why a man should have his eyebrows shaped

In the past, eyebrow shaping was seen as a "woman thing" and men often thought that after a shaping session they would lose their masculine eyebrows. Nothing could be more misleading. Shaping the eyebrows should be just as important as contouring the beard or head hair. As a man ages his facial hair structure changes, the hair becomes longer and stiffer. We all know that one grandpa with long, curly eyebrow hairs and hairs growing out of his ears.

A naturally shapely eyebrow can make a man look neat and groomed. Do you have full eyebrows with long brow hairs? Then trimming the eyebrow hairs can already ensure that you get a more open look!


Brows by Browstories


This will help you as a man get groomed and natural-looking eyebrows

Nowadays, there are numerous salons and hair salons that offer eyebrow services. But where is the best place to go for guy brows? And what should you look out for during an eyebrow treatment? We have a few tips for you!


  1.   Explain clearly what your needs are.

Going to a brow artist for the first time can be exciting. Especially if you don't know exactly what to expect. That's why it's important to figure out what your wishes are beforehand. Do you only want to get your hair cut? Do you want the wild hairs around your eyebrows removed or do you want your entire brow shaped?

  1.   What kind of hair removal technique do you want to have applied?

Do you have very sensitive skin? Do you also react quickly to wax? Then it is better not to wax. If you have very fine eyebrow hairs, then threading is a good option for you. Want to know more about which techniques are best for your eyebrows read our blog: Hair removal techniques choices: Waxing, Threading or Tweezing. 

  1.   Find a beauty salon or hairdresser where you feel comfortable.

It's nice that the first time you get your brows done you feel comfortable. Would you rather go to your barber who always takes care of your hair/beard? Or would you rather go to a brow bar that specializes in eyebrow shaping? Do what you feel most comfortable with.

DYI men’s eyebrow grooming

Would you rather do your own eyebrows? You can do that easily! Below I will describe the tools that can help you while shaping the eyebrows.


Tweezers are absolutely essential when you want to tweeze your eyebrows. Tweezers allow you to remove hairs very precisely. How to do this: clean the skin where you want to tweeze. Pinch the skin well between the index and middle fingers. Pull the hair quickly with the direction of hair growth. Try to make a smooth movement without pulling your tweezers up.


Eyebrow scissors are ideal if you suffer from long bushy hairs. They provide an easy way to cut your long hair shorter for a fresher look. How to do this: brush your hair up with an eyebrow brush. Take the scissors and carefully cut off 1 to 2 mm of the hairs against the direction. Then brush the hair back into shape. If the hairs are still too long, you can repeat the steps above until you get the desired result.


If you are particularly bothered by downy hairs and prefer not to tweeze out eyebrow hairs, then a razor is the ideal tool for you. With an eyebrow razor, you can gently shave away your excess eyebrow hairs. How to do this: Prepare the skin by applying a little skin oil to the areas where you want to shave. Tighten the skin where you want to shave well between your index and middle fingers. Shave the hairs in the direction of hair growth.

Eyebrow gel

Do you have very wild hairs that stand in all directions? Then using eyebrow gel can be a lifesaver. With an eyebrow gel, you can fix the hairs in the model you want. How to do this: First brush your eyebrows with a normal brush in the desired model. Then take the eyebrow gel and go over it. You can also do this directly with the eyebrow gel and skip the step with the brush.

Eyebrow brush

An eyebrow brush is useful to use when your hair is messy. The brush allows you to brush the hairs into the right position. By the way, it is a must-have tool for when you use the above tools. Here you can find our spoolie brush.

 Eyebrow care

After you done your own eyebrows, you want to keep them in perfect condition! That's where eyebrow care steps in.


How to maintain your eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows and maintaining the eyebrow shape should be a part of your barber visit or skincare routine. How often it is necessary to trim your eyebrows depends on how fast your own hair is growing. For example, one male may need a haircut once every 2 weeks while another may go to the barber once a month. The same goes for eyebrows. On average, men trim their eyebrows every 2-5 weeks.


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