Hair removal techniques choices: Waxing, Threading, or Tweezing

15.07.2021 - Sima Ahmed

Whether you are a beautician, brow artist, any woman or guy who wants to get their brows done. Then this is most likely a question that has come up at one point or another! Should I choose thread, waxing or just tweezing? We will explain the three different hair removal techniques. We break it down into the following categories: method, duration of treatment, duration of results, and pain levels. For each method we use different brow tools.

Eyebrow Waxing: all ins & outs

The method
Hard wax is a wax that melts at a temperature of 45 degrees (113 ° F). The melted wax is usually applied to the skin with a wooden spatula. The wax should not be too runny or stroppy. The wax should be movable but not dripping off your spatula. Once applied to the skin, the wax cools quickly and adheres to the hair. This allows you to pull the piece of wax off the skin very easily.

Waxing the eyebrows

Duration of treatment
There are many advantages to waxing your eyebrow hairs, starting with how quick it is. A full facial wax should take no longer than 40 minutes, therefore just the eyebrows alone should be a quickie! Eyebrow waxing is also a good consideration if you can't stand the pain of threading or tweezing. Once you start doing the brows regularly, it should be easier and quicker as your overall shape will be intact and you will just be getting touch-ups. 

Duration of result
The duration of results varies from person to person, as everyone's hair grows at different speeds, but eyebrow waxing usually lasts up to 2/3 weeks or so before it needs to be touched up again. Please note that the eyebrow hairs must be at least 5mm in length before you can wax the eyebrows again.

Pain levels
Pain is highly subjective of course, so without knowing your individual pain tolerance - all we can say is that you would definitely feel the hairs being ripped from your skin and it can definitely be painful! Luckily as a beautician, you can thread very quickly, so the time a client is in real pain is very short. But yes, waxing will never be a nice feeling. 

Eyebrow Threading: all ins & outs

The method
For the eyebrow threading technique, a tightly stretched thread is placed crosswise on the skin. The string rolls horizontally over your unwanted hair and removes all the hair in that particular area. It takes some practice to hold the thread in the right position.  

Threading the eyebrows

Duration of treatment
Eyebrow threading is also relatively quick and precise. Even the most difficult hairs can probably be threaded in 15 minutes. If your hair is well-groomed, you can expect to have it done even faster. Because you can so accurately remove multiple hairs at once - while removing even the smallest hair from the follicle - it's an easy and quick way to get perfectly shaped brows.

Eyebrow threading is also a good alternative to waxing mainly for sensitive, acne-prone skin and skins that have undergone chemical peels shortly before the appointment. Eyebrow threading is less intensive on the skin because your skin is not touched by the tread, only the hairs are pulled out precisely - reducing the chance of irritation.

Duration of result
The duration of results varies from person to person, as everyone's hair grows at different speeds, but because of such accuracy and getting all the hairs out of their follicles, it lasts roughly about 2/3 weeks, but sometimes even longer depending on how fast your hair grows in general.

Pain levels
For the pain factor, it doesn’t hurt as much as hot wax ripping your hairs from the skin, but it could feel a bit painful as multiple hairs are being extracted at once. Some people say it feels more like a weird tingling feeling than real pain. Others experience it as painful for a few seconds. In our personal opinion, it's something you get used to when getting it done more often, while as opposed to waxing it makes you jump each time you get it one!

Tweezing:all ins & outs

The method
With a pincet, you’re plucking eyebrow hairs one by one. When it is done correctly, plucking removes the entire hair from the follicle. Although this is the classic route for brow grooming, it isn’t the most accurate or efficient one as you are still missing some fine hairs.

Tweezing the eyebrows

Duration of treatment
Tweezing is by far the slowest hair removal technique of the three because you remove the hairs one by one. Tweezing time will ultimately depend on how good or bad your eyebrow hair situation is. Expect it will take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

Duration of result
Plucking the eyebrow hair instead of waxing is also a good alternative to waxing mainly for skins who are allergic to wax. Your results will last anywhere from 1-3 weeks, again, depending on the speed of your own hair growth.

Pain level
The pain scale isn't off the charts, it’s a more mellow pain than waxing or threading as it's extracting hairs individually. Since the process takes longer, you should deal with less pain, but over a longer amount of time. Unfortunately, all hair removal techniques from the roots come with a little pain. 

Pros and cons of all hair removal techniques

There are many different pros and cons to each method of hair removal. We’ve made a clear overview to make it easier for you to decide which hair removal technique is the best alternative for you! So you can perfect any Brow Henna treatment or Brow Lamination treatment. 



  • Brow waxing or facial hair waxing is a super-fast treatment
  • Waxing often removes all hairs at once
  • Waxing the eyebrows is a good alternative for people who can’t stand the pain of plucking their eyebrows one by one


  • Waxing can’t be used on sensitive skin or skins that have had recent chemical peels
  • Your hairs must be at least 5mm long before you can wax
  • Wax doesn’t remove very fine hairs.



  • Threading removes even the finest hairs
  • With threading, you can create a very tight eyebrow shape
  • Can be used on sensitive skin and on skins that have undergone chemical treatments


  • As a customer, you must help stretching the eyebrows with your hands
  • With threading, the hairs are removed line by line so, threading is not as fast as waxing
  • If you have loose skin, then the chance of getting wounds is higher



  • Tweezing can be applied to sensitive skin and chemical peeling skins
  • You can remove hairs very precisely by tweezing
  • Tweezing removes the hairs from the hair follicles making hair stay away longer


  • Tweezing takes longer than waxing and threading
  • With tweezing, you can't make the tightest eyebrows
  • With tweezing, you can’t remove the very finest hairs

The favorite technique of Supercilium’s Head of Training Sima

I think threading is totally ASRM to see and hear; that thread rolling over your unwanted hairs and removing them is just so satisfying to see and the sounds always make me totally zen. Besides that, I like the speed of the process, but far more important: the accuracy of this hair removal technique. We all know how annoying it is when you can't get hold of a hair with tweezers. The endless trying and plucking until your hand hurts and your mind thinks F*CK it, never mind. Especially at times like these, threading is a blessing. As I said earlier, with treading you remove even the very finest hairs. And as a brow stylist, you don't want to lose too much time removing unnecessary hairs during treatment. Another reason why I love threading so much is that you can make an eyebrow super tight and still have control over how much hair you remove. Sounds amazing right? Well, it is <3 

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