Choices: Waxing, Threading or Tweezing

Whether you are a beautician, brow artist, any woman, or just any person with hair--this is most likely a question that has come up at one point or another! There are many different pro's and con's to each method of hair removal and we've decided to provide you with an overview so that it becomes a bit more clear and easier to decide which one is the best alternative for you! 

We have decided to break it down into a few different categories: duration of treatment, duration of results, pricing, and pain levels!

Obviously certain factors such as pricing and pain levels must ultimately be determined by you as each person has different pain tolerance and subjectivity towards price points!


There are many advantages to waxing, starting with how quick it is. A full facial wax should take no longer than 25 minutes, therefore just the eyebrows alone should be a quickie! Technically, you could be in and out in under 15 minutes. Once you start going regularly, it should be easier and quicker as your overall shape will be in tact and you will just be getting touch ups. 

As for price, it shouldn't be too crazy expensive. A good eyebrow wax is anywhere from $10-$25. Of course these prices are on average and they will definitely vary depending on salon, location, etc. Pain is very subjective, therefore, without knowing your individual pain tolerance--we can only say that you would definitely feel the hairs being ripped off your skin and it could be painful! 

Duration of the results varies per individual as everyone's hair grows at different speeds, however; waxes typically last until 2 weeks or so before needing a touch up. This is why many brow artists opt for combining a wax with a henna treatment because brow tinting also lasts around 2 weeks. This ties the two as a combined treatment that would help align your touch ups to around the same time--plus, groomed and tinted brows go together like peanut butter and jelly. 


Threading is relatively quick as well due to its precision. Even the most difficult hairs could probably be threaded in 10 minutes. If you hairs are well taken care of, expect to be out of there even sooner. Because it allows you such a precise removal of several hairs at once--while still removing even the tiniest hair out of its follicle, its an easy and fast way to get perfectly shaped out brows--just how you want them. Threading is also a great alternative to waxing for more sensitive or acne-prone skin because its less intensive and your skin isn't being touched, just the hairs being pulled out precisely--thus, leaving less chance for irritation. 

Price point is anywhere from $10-$25, depending again on salon and location. Because of such accuracy and getting all the hairs out of their follicles, it lasts roughly about two weeks--but sometimes even longer depending on how fast your hair grows in general. For the pain factor, it definitely doesn't hurt as much as hot wax ripping your hairs off, but could feel a bit painful as multiple hairs are being extracted at once. From our personal input, it's something you definitely get used to with time as opposed to waxing, which makes you jump each time you get one!


Tweezing is by far the slowest of the three as you are removing the hairs one by one. Although this is the classic route for brow grooming and many people actually prefer it, it definitely isn't the most accurate or efficient as you still have a chance of missing some hairs--even with a huge magnifying glass. Tweezing time will ultimately depend on how good or bad your eyebrow hair situation is to start with, but expect anywhere from 15-30 minutes.

Tweezing is actually mainly a complimentary service added on to when you get your brows done in general, like with tinting or waxing, etc. So it's difficult to put a price point on it as most salons don't offer it as a self standing service. It's more of an add on to perfect the grooming. However, a good pair of tweezers (if you want to do it yourself), will run you anywhere from $25-$40. Your results will last anywhere from 1-4 weeks, again, depending on the speed of your own hair growth.

Pain scale isn't off the charts, definitely a more mellow pain than waxing or threading as it's extracting hairs individually--but as with any hair removal from the root, it's not as sweet as a cherry pie. 


We hope that this gives you a bit of insight on the different options you have and helps you decide which is best for you!


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