How To Thicken Up Those Thin Brows

19.09.2019 - Monique Kaminskaya

Thin brows are long gone--at least for now. Everywhere you look, every magazine you grab or editorial spread you glance over, you’ll see one common trend. THICK BROWS. Pencil thin brows are a trend of the past; while, thick, full, voluminous brows are in. 

But what do you do if your eyebrows are screaming for more volume and hair? Let us help you with 5 different tools and solutions for every thin #browboss to thicken up some. 

For the holistic babe:

Castor oil

There are many speculations that pure castor oil is a magical remedy for hair growth. Many people swear by applying the oil daily on the scalp and/or eyebrows, after several weeks there is a substantial difference in density and amount of hair. However, there is no actual evidence of these claims being 100% true.So far, what can be confirmed is that the chemical compound that makes up almost 90% of Castor oil (ricinoleic acid) does aid in hair growth,according to sources.

How to use: Make sure you do a patch test prior to use, as we would advise with any product you apply to your body for the first time. Apply a few drops of PURE (must be pure to work!) castor oil to the top or inside of your arm and see if there are any allergy symptoms within the next 48 hours. 

If you are allergy free, ensuring you have a clean, make-up free face--use a spoolie (or eyelash brush) to dip into some castor oil and brush into your eyebrow hairs daily for a few weeks. Some people opt for using it twice a day, in the morning and before bed, but you can always start off once a day and see what results it brings you. Many people swear by castor oil and say that it increases eyebrow thickness and growth massively!


Benefit is one of our faves when it comes to thick-brow tools.They have a set, called the Browmazing Deal, which includes their ‘My Brow Pencil’ and ‘Goof Proof Brow Pencil’. Both tools are amazing for creating the illusion of thick brows! The Precisely My Brow Pencil has an ultra thin tip, which allows you to carefully and precisely add strokes to your natural brows, which replicate real looking hairs. You can also use the Goof Proof to then shade in the brows for a much thicker and pigmented-statement look. 


If you don’t already know, we are #browbosses when it comes to henna. Our signature staple henna brows are a huge favorite when it comes to our ladies looking for thicker, shaped, and more defined looking brows. Henna is a better alternative to dye and stays on the skin for up to 2 weeks, and the hairs for up to 6.Our Supercilium Starter Kitprovides you with all you need for perfect, full, henna brows for up to 150 applications. With henna, you simply apply it onto your own hairs, as well as covering the skin around the brow into the desired shape; leave on for 10-20 mins, wipe off--and enjoy fuller looking brows with little to no maintenance. 

Brow Glaze

Our newest product to hit the market! If you already have somewhat full brows and really want to accentuate, groom, or style them into a feathered look--Brow Glaze is your jam. Our Brow Glaze is a brow lamination set, which ultimately allows you to give your brows a perm/lift.  It’s a three step process including a solution which relaxes your hairs, followed by a laminating solution which keeps your hairs in the position you want them in, followed by a nourishing elixir. This creates the illusion of groomed, upright, fluffy brows for weeks on end!






Kelly Baker’s Best of Brows Deluxe Kit

We can’t forget one of the brow goddesses herself! Kelly Baker has an amazingly handy6 piece pallet which includes everything you need to carve out and shade the perfect thick, bold brows easily. The kit comes with two very useful brushes which allow you to carve and create full, realistic strokes with the two different shades of powder. You can go natural, or bold--depending on what you like. There is also a brow pencil, gel to hold it in place or feather, and a highlighting pencil that you can use for a more defined and cleaner brow underneath the hairs. 

Celebrity brow expert, Sania Vucetaj also mentions as a tip for anyone looking to grow out fuller, thick eyebrows: 

“The most important advice I have learned in over 25 years of experience is to avoid all lotions, moisturizers, serums, foundations, sunscreens and face cleansers in the brow area," Vucetaj says. "These creams clog the follicle, which not only prevents growth, but also causes shedding, that will leave your brows even more sparse."