How To Support Your Local Beauticians During Corona

22.05.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

Currently, we are in the midst of one of the most uncertain periods to date. Covid-19 has impacted over 213 countries, with over 5 million confirmed cases and almost 400,000 deaths worldwide. This pandemic isn't a joke, and it's certainly affected the entire world on an economical level as well. Several industries took a huge hit to say the least--however, many industries that require physical contact, personal consultations and the impossibility of staying 1.5m away from someone definitely struggled the most. 

One of those, is naturally--beauticians. Beauticians, beauty therapists, brow & lash artists, estheticians, etc. are the heart and soul of Supercilium. We do what we do to make doing what you do, that much easier and more enjoyable. So when beauticians can't function, it hurts us as well. 

While we advocate for listening to your local governments and following the precautions and advice they give you for your country specifically at this time--we also want to give you a few ways to support your local beauticians and favourite salons in this weird time. 

For Beauticians:

You can create some awesome self-care packages which your clients can buy from you and use at home! If you do lashes and/or brows--you can look into some DIY eyebrow/eyelash dye like our Christian Faye Dye Kit, along with tweezers, eyebrow brush/spoolie, clear eyebrow/eyelash gel to hold them in place for these warmer days, and some cute scissors/hair trimmers. 

If you want to go for a more relaxing or stress relieving kit--try our Gua Sha stone and Eyebrow Oil, Facial Oil, and Cleanser for the ultimate relaxation and self care! You can throw in your favourite sheet mask, some lip balm and/or hand cream and sell it to your customers during this time so that they can still remember you and your business and you can still generate some income!

For Customers: 

Although your favourite salons and hairdressers aren't all open yet--their products may still be available for purchase! Check with them directly or online and see if your favourite eyelash cleaner, tweezers, dye, or hair products are available for purchase! Here in the Netherlands we have just reopened so clients are able to come in finally--but for other parts of the world, find out! You can order your favourite conditioner or stop by the salon and see if there are safety precautions in place for you to still be able to support and purchase some smaller items from them! Everything helps! #SupportYourLocal instead of ordering on Amazon, etc!

Buy A Voucher

Obviously it isn't possible for everyone in the world to go get their wax, eyebrows done, their lashes perfectly extended or coloured, or their hair styled to perfection. But what you can do in the mean time is buy a voucher! This helps tremendously and still supports your local businesses. Once they reopen, you will be first up to make an appointment and come celebrate with some fresh brows! Beauticians, create some fun, cool, coupons or vouchers for purchase and sell them online!

Leave A Good Review 

If you love a certain salon that you visit often, you know how critical of a time it is right now. One of the best things you can do to show your appreciation and support them in this time is to vouch for their work ethic and how beautiful they make you feel inside and out! A small action like leaving them a positive review on their Facebook or Google makes a huge difference for post lockdown appointments and helping them get back on track! This is critical and so easy for us all to do!

Stay positive and uplifted ladies! It's a matter of time before all of this ends and we are all back in business! For now, we hope these few small suggestions help in even the slightest! 

xx Team Supercilium

Ready for reopening your salon? Here is a great guide we found that includes a safety and sanitary checklist:



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