How To: Ombre Brows

Have you wondered how people tint brows and get that perfectly faded out brow that starts light and ends much darker for an ideal ombre effect? This is a common question that we receive quite frequently! The funny thing is, it's quite simple and totally doable for all brow artists! There is a simple trick to it and we are here to explain exactly how to do it!

Supercilium Brow Henna
As mentioned in previous blog posts, we have a simple 5 step process on how to tint brows with our Supercilium Brow Henna. We will cover those steps again quickly--the trick lays within the steps!


Supercilium Brow Henna


Before you start with applying any tint on any brows--we advise all our brow babes to start with doing a skin patch test. Although our henna is 88% natural, there is still a small chance that certain skin types have allergic reactions or some discomfort. We strive to prevent any mishaps with performing an allergy test 48 hours before use, even if your client is already familiar with coloring products.


  • First of all, clean the eyebrows with Supercilium Matcha Cleanser to strip oils from the skin. An even better result is achieved when eyebrows are scrubbed in advance (the client can do this at home).

  • Mix 1 measuring spoon (25g) with about 15-20 drops Supercilium Fixing Rosewater until a smooth substance is achieved. Wait 5 minutes before you start using it. It’s important that the henna is not too runny!

  • Apply a layer of henna with an angled brush. Press/stamp the paint into the eyebrow until all skin is covered, back to front as well. Make sure you create sharp lines. Correct small mistakes using a cotton swab with Tint Remover.

Here's the trick!


  • Remove product from the inside of eyebrows after 3-5 minutes for an ombre effect, with a damp – not too wet – cotton pad. If still too light, reapply and leave on for another 3-5 minutes. When removing the product sooner from the inside and leaving for longer on the outside, it stains darker there while giving you a natural fade effect.

  • Finally remove the rest of the henna after 15-20 minutes. The longer the dye sits, the better it will penetrate the skin and the longer the effect will last.


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Supercilium Brow Henna

Photo credit: @beauty.bysamira



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