How Beauticians Can Steer Clear of Corona Virus

11.03.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

Amidst this hectic time where the entire world is in a panic and hysteria over this unfortunate virus that seems to have completely taken over social media, news, and our brains--it's truly better to be aware of the actual facts and simply be cautious. 

Just to put things into perspective, according to The Washington Post, "in 2018, the CDC reported 49 million Americans had been sickened by the flu. 960,000 were hospitalized and over 80,000 ended up dead. You read that right, in 2018 over 80,00 people died from the flu in the United States." These numbers are not even slightly comparable to the numbers affected from Coronavirus, especially death wise--yet people are stirring up escalated panic nonstop. 

This panic is unfortunately the cause of mass media and social media publishing all types of misleading information and basically stirring up a massive worldwide concern. Although this is a serious matter and something to take precaution over, it's not something that should be escalated to this drastic extent. 

As a beautician or brow artist, we realize that you must go through dozens of people each week--sitting close by, possibly spreading germs, and coming into close contact with clients. We wanted to give all beauticians a few pointers on how to stay safer and take some mild precautions to help prevent spreading this virus, or any germs for that matter. 

Some things you can do:

1. Take your clients temperature beforehand. 

Although this sounds ridiculous, your main goal is to keep your working/salon environment a healthy and clean one. Some people may not even realize they are fully sick yet, so a simple temperature scan to see if they are running a fever is doable at this time. If you see they are running a slight fever, apologize and kindly reschedule for a later time. 

2. Ask to reschedule

Send out an email to all your clients alerting them to reschedule if they feel sick at all or suffer from any cough/respiratory illness. This is a healthy precaution for both them and yourselves. 

 3. Wash hands

This seems like an obvious one but you need to be more conscious than ever when it comes to washing your hands--as well as advising your clients to do the same upon arrival. Before and after every client, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and antibacterial soap.

4. Keep sanitizer nearby

We would like to stress that this is NOT a replacement for washing your hands in any way. Although it's good to keep hand sanitizer in your bag after using any public transportation, touching any handles, shaking hands etc. it's always better to just wash your hands instead. If you do opt for hand sanitizer, be sure its 65% alcohol or above. 

5. Extra sanitary

Make sure all your tools, chairs, beds, etc that is being used by clients is wiped down, sprayed, etc with proper antibacterial cleaning supplies. This is a moment where you go the extra step and increase your frequency to be super careful. This includes tweezers, brushes, etc.

 6. Masks

As a beautician, you are very close to your clients' faces. This means that germs could be spread easily. As silly as it may seem, adopting a face mask while giving your clients their treatments is something that could help avoid the direct breathing on one another. 

We know that this media frenzy will definitely pass in time and hopefully the virus dies off very soon, so we aren't part of the panic. However, we do want all of our boss babes to stay healthy, safe, and take some easy precautions to avoid getting sick in any way and keep their clients equally as aware. 



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