Glossy Brows: Trending Now

02.10.2019 - Monique Kaminskaya

We love hunting for new and current trends within the beauty industry--especially when it comes to eyebrows. As we know, our eyebrows are a fundamental part of how our faces look. When you tweak your brows, you can have an entire new look, visually. So, one trend we are interested in now is the glossy brow. In combination with a feathered look, and glossy lid--you can completely revamp your face and emphasize your eye shape. 


Make up artist, @danessa_myricks illustrating this beautifully with a bold luminous glow

Over the years, there is a constant battle between matte and dewy looks--and let's be real, dewy, glowy, shiny, skin and everything comes with it--is very in right now. So why not apply this to the brows and eyes too? This comes across as a very editorial and bold look, if applied with a bright, neon shadow underneath and thick, luscious brows paired with it. However, you can also gloss up those brows with a neutral, nude eye, clear glossy lips, and dewy skin for a more everyday glow. 

This trend isn't too pricey either, you can ultimately add a luminous glow to your lids and brows by using the same gloss you do for your lips. The trick is to prime that lid and brow well beforehand, so that the colour pigment, as well as the gloss lustre remains intact. Of course, you may need to touch up every now and then, but nothing too different from touching up on your lipstick or gloss.

We definitely say yes to this trend, we love the bold and neutral version and feel that its a fun, sexy, luminous spin on the traditional feathered brow. Pairing with a bold, bright eyelid and layering on the gloss for both, is a fun, fearless look we'd support any day. Runway, or off. What about you, babes? What do you think of this trend?

*Our featured image in the banner is from the talented Instagram account of @lindahallberg*