Dewy Makeup & Brows: The 2020 look

27.01.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

2019 was the year of new looks, new trends, and new guidelines for what is considered beautiful nowadays. There was definitely an ongoing controversy of the dewy vs. matte look--which one is better?!

This is definitely a tough one for us to call as the classic matte finish makeup with all solid pigments, no shine, and mattified, clean carved brows is a staple look! However, lately we have been easing into the idea of more effortlessly glam, unruly, and dewy makeup look. Yes, this includes brows. Duh.

What do we mean, you may ask? Well, dewy brows are actually a thing, and mixed with a BB-Glow lightweight foundation, glowy highlighter, and clear glossed lips--it's safe to say our heartbeat has staggered a bit. This look may just be our 2020 obsession.  

Benefit Australia's national brow artist, Hannah Mutze says in an interview with ELLE magazine, "2020 sees the arrival of dewy brows," says Mutze. "Think wet-look, glossy and sumptuous finishes, dewy brows look lived in, healthy and radiant. A brow this slick calls for wax-finish formulas and generous layers of clear brow gel to lock it all in place."

How do you achieve this look? Not so difficult, don't worry! Dewy, thick brows are actually a lot easier to accomplish that perfectly shaped, penciled in ones. If you want, you can always get a brow lamination treatment for longer term results--like our Brow Glaze. Then you can simply have them pointing upright and layer on some clear setting gel, or wax and you have the perfect dewy finish.

If you want the dewy without the commitment, brush through your brows and grab yourself a wax pencil--any colorless wax pencil, such asAnastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer and stroke over your brow hairs with it, generously. Once your hairs are shiny and waxed up, grab a clear setting gel such asthis one. Coat your waxy hairs with the gel for some extra healthy shine and glitz. 



Finish off this look with a light coloured foundation, some peach-bronze blush, a dab of highlighter on your cheekbones and nose, and some juicy clear gloss for an everyday-runway-ready-to-run-into-my-ex-glowy, dewy look of 2020!

xo, Supercilium