Brow Massage: The Brow Botox Without Needles

18.10.2019 - Monique Kaminskaya

It’s time to forget about brow extensions, microblading, and all other trends associated with our face and brows--because now, we found the trend of choice. Imagine combining the soothing feeling of a massage, the principles of accupressure, the aesthetic and health benefits of achieving better circulation and hair growth, while getting “lowkey” botox. You don’t need to imagine. It exists in the concept of a “brow massage.” This is the latest trend we’ve added to our list of YES for 2019 and we’re here to tell you why you need this massage in your life, over and over.

The concept of brow massaging has stemmed from brow pinching--but before that ever emerged, we’ve had reflexology for years and years. Reflexology and accupressure has studied the effects on impacting certain points of the body by touching others forever now. Brow massages are just an extension of that.

Brow massaging includes pinching of the brows.The pinching includes firm kneading and gentle pinching of the brows in between the forefinger and thumb in sections and circular motions. This gets the circulation going and stimulates the deeper layers of the skins, which in fact, improves the skin texture and keeps the skin more ‘bouncy’ and lively.

Besides the pinching, comes the overall massage and relaxation of the face. You ultimately get a facial without the mask/exfoliation aspect, with oil substituting. With gentle, deep strokes going up from your neck to your temples, all the way up to your brow bones and then slowly into the corner of your brows and into your forehead. Your circulation kickstarts and you effortlessly rid puffiness and get a natural contour. Your lines and wrinkles disappear and your muscles are toned and reactive. 

Besides the aesthetic benefits of increasing the bloodflow and rejuvinating skin elasticity to get rid of fine lines, the actual touch and pressure itself allows you to unwind and relieve tension. The point on our temples helps rid you of stress period, and allows your body and mind to feel more relaxed, relieved, and open to healing. The specific points on your face, temples, and brows allow your third eye chakra to be stimulated and gives you a soothing, calming rebalance each times its touched. 

Reduce stress, grow eyebrow hairs, sleep better, drain toxins, improve circulation and tighten skin cells...can we get a gift card for unlimited brow massages? Please and thanks.


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