Amsterdam-Weather-Proof Brows

08.10.2019 - Monique Kaminskaya

Everyone that’s been to Amsterdam at least once, knows that Dutch weather goes hand in hand with rain. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, except stroopwafels and thunder. In the fall and winter, rain, clouds, and winds are at full capacity and that means,—goodbye to your usual makeup routine. We want to combine a little bit of a personal touch as our home is Amsterdam and we know a lot of you babes also deal with horrible weather during this season! We want to give you the top tips for keeping your brows and makeup looking on fleek from stepping out the house to getting to your final location!


As we are a Dutch company, if you didn’t know already—most people cycle here. EVERYWHERE. We usually all cycle to work, and with a storm outside—that usually equates to worrying if we will show up with all our makeup and both eyebrows!

Here is a few of our favorites to keep those perfect brows staying in place--no matter how bad the weather gets!
We swear by this eyebrow gel. This gel will literally keep your brows looking filled, groomed, and in place no matter what natural disaster comes your way. If you pair this with a  waterproof eyebrow pencil, this is a great, easy way to keep your brows in place for the autumn and winter seasons without breaking the bank! For $6.00, what a steal! We'll take 5, please!
This eyebrow pencil is everything and more! Because it has a much finer, thinner point--your precision is unmatched and you can make much easier, more realistic hair strokes. They claim its "four times smaller than the average pencil!" The other side also allows you to groom and tame stubborn hairs into place!
We can't not mention one of the best kept secrets out there for flawless brows, in any weather! Our Brow Henna Starter Kit has everything you could need for a perfect application of henna brows, featuring 5 different henna shades--to match multiple skin tones and hairs. Our easy-to-use process requires 20-30 minutes of your time, while delivering flawless, water-resistant brows for up to 2 weeks! You should avoid exposure to moisture or water after the first 48 hours of application, but after that--you're good to go, rain or shine!
4. L'Oreal UNBELIEVABROW Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel
Do you want something that lasts throughout the rain, but without the commitment of a few weeks with a different consistency than the products above? Then we have the solution for you. L'Oreal released a waterproof eyebrow gel, that allows you to sculpt your brows how you want--whether it be natural or bold looking brows, that lasts up to 48 hours. They claim that the waterproof film "seals in pigments onto brow hairs" and that its smudge proof and sweat resistant for your workouts! This also comes in 5 different shades and doesn't do too much damage at $16.
We hope this gives you some tips and easy-to-use solutions for the fall and winter! We appreciate good looking brows in ever and any weather, and hope that this gives you the ability to as well! Do you have any other great tools we haven't mentioned? Let us know, we love hearing your feedback!