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All you need to bring out the best in you! This starter kit contains: 6 shades of brow henna (Blonde, Golden Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black), Eucalyptus Color Developer, Matcha & Mint Cleanser, Tint Remover, cup, measuring spoon and brush. Everything you need to start creating flawless brows. 

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Carefully selected. Supercilium offers a great alternative to regular brow tinting. This kit contains everything you need to create flawless brows. Our dye is based on the latest innovations in hair coloring. Thanks to a careful selection of pigments, our henna does not leave a red glow on skin or hair. Henna has been used for thousands of years to transfer color onto skin, leaving a sophisticated tattoo effect. 

Matcha & Mint Cleanser
The cleaner the skin, the better Henna can penetrate the skin. That’s why we searched for a formula that removes excess oil and dirt, but also has natural anti-bacterial features. That’s exactly what Matcha does. We matched it with Mint. Known for its cooling purposes and ability to open up the pores. Resulting in a super clean skin, ready to rock new flawless Henna Brows. 

Eucalyptus Color Developer
After researching how to extend the lifetime of Brow Henna treatments, we found the power of the natural ingredient Eucalyptus. By adding several drops of it the dye will better set. But even better, it will help to intensify the color. Resulting in a deeper color. Everything you need to create that long lasting results clients are longing for. 

At Supercilium we truly believe in the power of nature and we aim to keep products organic and close to their roots. Here are 4 benefits of Brow Henna and why it is the leading trend in cosmetics right now:

1. Customizations
Choose the color that looks the best with your clients skin tone and hair color. Our six distinct colors can also be mix based on your clients personal style. Use our Supercilium color chart as your guide.

2. Quality Investment + high return on investment
Each starter kit contains enough product to apply 150+ treatments. This is less than €1.00 per treatment. Many brow treatments may not leave your clients 100% satisfied afterwards. That's not the case with Supercilium Brow Henna, since the color can be easily adjusted when your client is not happy yet. 

3. Pain Free Flawless Brows
Give your clients the gift of fabulous brows without using any needles, waxing or blades. Use Supercilium Brow Henna as a way to introduce your clients to the results of microblading or other permanent brow treatments, but without the pain. 

4. Natural
Made from 88% all natural henna. Not mixed with any harmful ingredients for the skin and hairs.

Follow our free online Brow Henna course to learn how to apply Henna Brows. 
Or follow our step by step guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
Wonderful kit!

Love love love the application and the ingredients are high quality! Will always be purchasing my brow products from Supercilium!! Thank you

Love it!

I have been working with the supercilium brand for 3 years now. I am still a big fan of the brand, and of course great results!

Amazing Results!

Everyone is wow'd by the amazing results of Supercilliums Brow Henna. With all the products out there I wasn't sure which to choose. After reading several reviews from satisfied clients I took a chance and am not disappointed. They are also quick to respond if you have questions about product. Cannot wait to share with all of our clients

Great product

Love the product but unfortunately it wears off quickly than I thought. In a couple of days
About 3 days


Absolutely in love with the results I’m getting with my clients with Supercilium! Quality product, and easy to use. Highly recommend this product!

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