Manbrows - Yes Please!

24.08.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

Typically, guys don't ask for overly styled, perfectly sculpted, identical brows. However, that doesn't mean that grooming men's brows aren't just as important as women's. Groomed brows make all the difference--regardless of gender! This is great additional service to add on to your salons, as most of the time men don't even know that they need or want their brows done! This is an opportunity to make their faces more symmetrical, their eyes more prevalent, and their brows that much better! Let us give you some tips for styling the perfect manbrows!

Mostly, men don't want you to remove too much hair from their brows or give them too dramatic of an arch. That's totally fine, you can still make a dramatic change without doing too much! The best way to keep them looking classic is to keep them looking natural.

        1. Cut them! Unlike women's brows, men typically have long thick hairs that stand out from other brows, those need a cut. Give them a nice trim before doing any treatment so they are more even from both sides and there is less hair you need to work with!
        2. Eyebrow tinting - Men mostly have larger brows, to balance out their eyes, lips, and nose. In order to keep everything symmetrical and in balance--a little eyebrow tinting never hurt anybody! You can grab one of our Supercilium Brow Henna Colours and improve the overall shape of their brows with a little tint. You don't need to carve out perfectly sculpted brows as most women ask for, but you can definitely touch upon some spots and fill in some gaps to make the brows cleaner.
        3. Hair removal - However, you don’t always need to color their brows, sometimes a little grooming is just what they need. You can definitely just give them a nice shape by tweezing or waxing. Use a tweezer to pick out the thicker hairs and leave the thinner hairs. This way the hair will look less noticeable, but will probably not remove EVERY single strand. If the man opts for a cleaner look with more precision, you can also choose to wax the eyebrows. The advantage of waxing is that it is way quicker and more efficient than tweezing--with more control over exactly which and how many hairs you remove. 

Just like with women's brows, you have to upkeep and maintain manbrows just as often! Have your client stop by every 2-3 weeks for a grooming touch up, or every 3-4 weeks for a nice tint visit to keep their brows looking spotless at all times!