10 Safety Precautions Beauticians Can Take Upon Re-opening Salons

10.05.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

The light at the end of the tunnel

We know our brow-boss audience is worldwide, so we are beyond excited that more and more countries declared that beauty and hair salons are able to open their doors again. The buzz, excitement, and positivity was more than welcomed amongst us! Although Supercilium is not a freestanding salon or shop--we are more than happy for our local beauticians who have taken a huge hit on business and working passionately to make things work again. 

Bit by bit, we are being set free to rebuild altogether. We can't wait until the US and all other countries in the EU and all over the world are able to reopen their hard-built business as well!

However, we wanted to address a very important issue--which is hygiene, extreme precautions, and maintenance of your salons and work areas after you reopen. Just because we can start working again, does not mean this entire pandemic has come to a halt. This has changed us forever--and especially upon early moments, we must be very careful. We've complied a list of 10 tips for all our beautician babes to refer to upon reopening to stay their safest, healthiest, and keep their families, clients, and close ones their most germ-free. 

1. Wash your hands before and after every client, and have them wash their hands upon entering your salon--as well as leaving. This is for their own sake as well. 

2. If you plan on accepting more than one client at a time, please make sure there is adequate (1.5m or 6ft) distance between them. Do not seat them right next to each other. Better yet--try to not take as many clients as you usually do. Limit your daily clients in the early stages to just refrain from too much contact so soon. 

3. For the time being, you should wear a mask yourself while providing a treatment AND provide a disposable mask for your clients. In our profession, we are extremely close to our clients and their faces. It’s so easy to breathe on one another, therefore both mouths should be covered for the time being to avoid spreading germs through face-to-face contact. Our 2020 Pinterest boards are looking like cute disposable masks in a basket, available for clients upon entering your salon rather than candies and magazines. LOL, it is what it is--make the best of it. 

4. Have hand sanitiser available on your countertop for use. If you can buy a bunch of small hand-sanitisers, you can easily brand it with your logo or a sticker and hand out to your clients after a treatment. It's super handy and a nice gesture during this time (+ great marketing).

5. Buy disposable covers for your beauty chairs/tables. This will help your clients as well as you! Also, wipe them down with antibacterial spray/wipes after each client just in case they sweat/sneeze/any germs etc.

6. Avoid handing the mirror to your clients when showing them their brows/face etc. Hold the mirror for them to lessen the likeliness of germs spreading. We know that clients love to see the results and look at themselves--but unless they are wearing gloves themselves, try to avoid your equipment being touched too much. 

7. Wear gloves during the entire treatment. This is a must!

8. Try to limit payment to just credit card so that you don have to deal with touching cash at this time.

9. Use disinfectants that are EPA –registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. If in doubt of the effectiveness, check the EPA website. Disinfectant only works on a clean surface so clean all surfaces and tools with hot soapy water, or cleaning wipes (if using wipes, be sure to cover surface thoroughly) before disinfecting.

10. Remove all unnecessary items such as magazines, newspapers, gum, etc. For the time being, keep it simple and less items to have to disinfect daily that are touch-centered. 

Beauties, stay strong! We are getting somewhere! This is not the ideal circumstances--but we must power through and continue to do our best with what we have. Although this seems like a lot of extra work, it's better to be safe than sorry. This virus isn't a joke and we definitely advocate for staying in as much as possible until the government advises otherwise. However, if you choose to reopen and/or get treatments done again--we advise you all to do so with proper precautions and in the best interest of your own health and the health of the people closest to you. 

Stay safe brow bosses xx. 


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