All tools brow artists need to perfectly execute Brow Henna and Brow Glaze treatments. Everything set to start your brow treatment! 

The Best Eyebrow Tools 

Supercilium we understand how important it is to use high quality tools to achieve the best results. That’s why Supercilium has developed and selected the best tools for beauticians and eyebrow artists.  

Our tool collection consists of a high quality eyebrow brush for beauticians to apply  henna with, but also can be used by makeup artists to apply pomade on to the brows. The Supercilium brow brush is designed to create strong and clear lines to shape the brows and create a defined arch. The best part is that the brush is made with the softest bristles making it easy to glide over the skin and brow hairs to create the most perfect brows. The dream of every brow artist in the beauty industry! 

Brow tools and more

Besides the Supercilium Angled Brow Brush we have also created other high quality tools that can be used for eyebrow treatments such as our Painting Bow Arrow Ruler making it easy to shape the brows. But that’s not all, we also offer many other tools such as brow lamination tools, brow lamination film, brow precision swabs, and a mouth mask with filter to perform all brow treatments or any other treatments safely with. 


Browgasm: Give your clients the most relaxing and unforgettable facial massage.

Brow Henna: Give your customers the pleasure of gorgeous brows and skins up to 2 weeks.

Brow Glaze: Achieve a lifted and fluffy brow look in only 3 easy steps!


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