Trick to extend the longevity of Brow Henna

18.05.2024 - Lisa Sazonova

Achieving stunning and long-lasting Brow Henna look can seem hard, but with the right preparation and care, it's easier than you think! At Supercilium, we know how important it is for you and your clients to enjoy flawless brows that last. In this blog post, we'll explore how long Brow Henna typically lasts and share our pro tips for extending its lifespan with Prep Peel Gel, a must-have product that can work wonders in ensuring your clients' brows stay flawless for longer. Let's get started!

Brow Henna basics

Brow Henna is a very popular beauty treatment known for creating bold, long-lasting colors. Usually, it can last up to 2 weeks on the skin and 4-6 weeks on brow hairs, depending on various factors. We will tell you about a few key factors that can influence how long brow henna lasts on your client's skin and brow hairs.

Factors affecting Brow Henna longevity

  • The longevity of Brow Henna can vary based on a few things: the quality of the Henna used, the client's skin type, and their aftercare routine.
  • It is no news that every client has a different skin type. Clients with oily skin may see shorter-lasting results, while dry skin could experience a longer wear time. Also, Brow Henna tends to look like it lasts longer on lighter skin tones than darker ones. Thanks to the contrast of the color the skin stain is better visible. However, the longevity is just as long.

  • Then there's lifestyle. If your clients are big fans of swimming, saunas, or working out, they might notice the color fading more quickly. Too much sun exposure can also speed up the fading process.

  • Aftercare is often underrated. Keeping the brow area free of harsh cleansers and exfoliants can help maintain the color. Offering your clients some gentle, nourishing Brow Care products to use on their eyebrows can really make a difference. For example the Nourishing Defense Balm, or the Nourishing Elixir.

Anyway, taking proper care of the brows after the treatment can make a big difference in how long the color lasts despite these factors.

Brow Henna Treatment

What is Brow Exfoliation and why is it important?

Brow exfoliation is simply gently scrubbing away dead skin cells and impurities from the skin around the brows. This helps create a smooth, clean canvas for your brow treatments. We use gentle exfoliators to penetrate deep into the pores and unclog them, giving the skin a fresh start.

It is definitely one of the most effective ways to clean the brows and the brow area. The cleaner the brows and especially the skin below, the better the Brow Henna can penetrate into the skin to create that beautiful skin stain that we all love.

Pro Tip #1: Exfoliation helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and keeps the skin around the brows looking healthy and radiant!

Meet the Prep Peel Gel

Let's talk about the star in the world of Brow Care: The Prep Peel Gel. It is a gentle exfoliator made just for brows and the surrounding area. The Prep Peel Gel contains 4% AHA, which dives deep into pores to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. A super clean canvas sets the stage for longer-lasting brow henna and other brow treatments, which is exactly what we want, right?

Supercilium Prep Peel Gel

What is AHA?

AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, is derived from sugary fruit and works wonders at unclogging pores and smoothing skin. Think of it as starting with a fresh, clean slate — your Brow Henna will go on and stay put so much better. And let's be honest, who doesn’t want results that last?

Pro Tip #2: Exfoliating can make the skin more sensitive to the sun. So, make sure to protect your clients' brows with our Nourishing Aftercare Balm with SPF 30, especially 48 hours after Brow Lamination and 24 hours after Brow Henna.

How to use the Prep Peel Gel

Here’s how you can add Prep Peel Gel into your Brow Henna treatments for smoother, longer-lasting Brow Henna results:

Step 1: Start by cleaning the eyebrows with the Pro Cleanser on a cotton pad. Gently go over the eyebrows to remove any makeup, oil, or dirt.
Step 2: Next, squeeze a pea-sized amount of the Prep Peel Gel onto your hand. Dip a microbrush in the gel and apply it evenly over the brows.
Step 3: Massage the gel gently into the hair and skin using your fingertips for 15-30 seconds. Make sure the gel reaches the skin underneath the brow hairs.
Step 4: Remove the Prep Peel Gel using the Pro Cleanser and a clean cotton pad. This ensures a fresh, smooth canvas for your next steps.
Step 5: Now, you’re ready to continue with your chosen brow treatment—whether it’s Brow Henna, Liquid Dye, or Brow Lamination.

Important to note: This blog post is about a trick to extend the longevity of Brow Henna, but you can definitely use the Prep Peel Gel with the Liquid Dye! Just follow the same steps as with Brow Henna.

Loved by Brow Pros

Brow pros everywhere love the Prep Peel Gel, and Luisa Madrigal from @brows_bylulu is one of them! Luisa says, "Thought I'd give this a try and add it to my henna service. Works very nicely prepping the area. Left brow area smooth and ready for application." How awesome is that? You can read more reviews here.

The importance of aftercare

Aftercare is key to making sure your clients get the most out of their Brow Henna treatment. Share these easy aftercare tips with them to help keep their color vibrant and long-lasting:

  • Keep the brows dry: Let your clients know to avoid water and steam for at least 24 hours after their treatment. This means steering clear of steam rooms, saunas, and sweating too much.

  • Be gentle when cleansing: Suggest using non-abrasive cleansers around the brow area to help preserve the color and avoid harsh products.

  • No scrubbing: Tell your clients to avoid scrubbing or using harsh tools on their brows. Gentle cleansing ensures a longer-lasting color.

  • Hydrate carefully: Moisturizing the brow area can help keep it soft and protected. Recommend a nourishing balm that won't disrupt the henna.

  • Stay out of the sun: UV rays can cause Brow Henna to fade more quickly, so remind your clients to protect their brows when they're out and about. Remember, offer them the Nourishing Defense Balm with SPF 30!

  • Hands off: Advise against picking, touching, or pulling at the eyebrows, as it can lead to premature fading. Your fingers can transfer oily moisture to the brow area, and regularly touching them can make the color feed more quickly. So yes, stay away with your fatty fingers!;)

  • Schedule follow-ups: Encourage your clients to book touch-ups as needed to keep their brows looking their best.

And here's a bonus for you and your clients! We offer FREE aftercare leaflets that you can download and share. These leaflets give more detailed advice on how to take care of their brows after henna treatments. Your clients will love the extra guidance and support!

Brow care you need for your treatments

Everybody wants to enjoy the flawless brow look for as long as they can, right? That’s why we researched Brow Care solutions and routines that help extend the longevity of brow treatment results — both before and after eyebrow treatments.

Healthy, full brows take time to achieve, so it’s important to understand why caring for them is so important. Supercilium’s Brow Care collection is designed to help you keep beautiful and healthy eyebrows. Our range includes everything you need to preserve the results of brow treatments and keep your clients' brows looking their best for as long as possible.

Supercilium Brow Care Collection

Pro Tip #3: Keeping eyebrows clean is just as important as aftercare! Be sure to check out our newest blog post about our favorites for cleaning brows to keep your clients' brows in great shape!

With pros like Luisa loving the Prep Peel Gel for its ability to prep brows for Brow Henna and other treatments, it's no wonder it's become a big game-changer in brow studios everywhere. Give it a go and see how it can take your brow artistry to the next level, leaving your clients thrilled with their longer-lasting, flawless results! Want to know more tricks on how to improve your Brow Henna stain? Read this article.

Prep Peel Gel

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Brow Henna Starter Kit
Brow Henna Starter Kit

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