The Hype Behind Face Massages, Rollers, & Stones

11.12.2019 - Monique Kaminskaya

 Let's be real, when looking back on this year of beauty trends and most instagrammable beauty tools--we can all agree that the hype is real with face rollers and face massage tools. This can be due to the heightened trend or more-so publicized concept of "self-care Sunday" and this years obsession with skin care! 

We wanted to look into it and figure out where these stones and rollers come from, what benefits they serve you babes and how to choose the right one for you!

So, basically if we are talking about a jade/face roller, those are the ones with a handle and a rolling jade/alternative bead on the end. These are all over Insta and almost every influencer swears by them and glamourizes their beauty fridge with stuffing one inside and instantly posting that! Then we have more of the face massage stones, which are usually referred to as "guasha". Both of these come from ancient Chinese practices. The Chinese actually still believe that they have healing abilities. There are a few different types of stones that are said to work in different ways:

Jade: This is a super common stone for massages and calming irritated skin. It encourages lympathic drainage and represents balance and peace.

Rose Quartz: As many already know, Rose Quartz symbolizes love. When used as a beauty stone, it is said to provide one with self love and allow your skin to glow and radiate with pressure.

Amethyst: Amethyst has a lot of natural protection built around it and is actually said to promote emotional centering and balances out anxiety, sadness, and negative emotion throughout the body. 

Quartz: This stone is extremely powerful and useful in unblocking and regulating energy. It focuses on healing, balancing the body, and stimulating the immune system.

Now you're probably wondering what all these fancy stones are actually doing to your face and skin? There are a lot of studies that advise us to use the rollers and stones regularly--like on the daily! If you already apply moisturizer or cream, you can simply apply it using a roller instead--this immediately provides your skin with stimulation and leaves it with much more elasticity than just using your hands.

Another reason its great to use a face roller or add in a quickie 10 minute guasha massage into your daily routine is for the rejuvenating and refreshing way to get your blood flowing and pleasant wake-up. If you've had a rough night, no sleep, or just feel hungover--simply keep your tools in a beauty fridge and then you can use them to support lympathic drainage. Aka: no more puffy eyes! The surface temperature of the stones stay much cooler than most tools so this is excellent for using as a de-puffer and pro-glow.

Because the different stones are said to actually have different healing qualities, they also work with the energy of your body--thus calming your nervous system and soothing away anxieties, frown lines, etc. 

All the major benefits: There are various tested benefits for using face rollers and especially guasha stones. The main advantages include: promotes blood circulation, skin is more radiant, cells are activated and renewed to regain elasticity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, removes dark circles under eyes, controls pigmentation, controls acne, and reinvigorates natural contour.

We are all about that natural healing and self-care everyday! Stay tuned to see what we are doing with our sparked interest and what we have in store for you ;)