New Product: Perma Blend x Supercilium

14.05.2024 - Myriam van Engelen

It's about time to reveal our brand-new collaboration with Perma Blend! We're bringing you an exclusive kit of top-notch Brow Pigments made specifically for professional and (aspiring) Permanent Makeup (PMU) Artists. This partnership is combining Supercilium’s passion for Brow Artistry with Perma Blend’s premium-quality pigments in the Permanent Makeup world. Let’s dive into the details of this fabulous collaboration!

About Perma Blend

If you are a PMU Artist, you definitely should know Perma Blend! Perma Blend has been a trusted name in the Permanent Makeup industry for years, with a strong focus on providing high-quality pigments that produce reliable and beautiful results.

Their product lineup includes a wide range of vibrant pigments in various shades, specially formulated for different permanent makeup techniques such as lips, eyes, and brows. Artists worldwide trust Perma Blend for its consistency and vibrant, long-lasting colors, ensuring clients receive natural-looking, enduring results. It was always our dream to collaborate with them!

Perma Blend x Supercilium: The perfect blend

At Supercilium, we’ve always been committed to supporting Brow Professionals on their journey and achieving exceptional results for their clients. By joining forces with Perma Blend, we’ve curated an exclusive capsule collection of the most used Brow Pigments that blend the best of both brands: Supercilium's commitment to the brow community and Perma Blend's expertise in developing top-tier pigments for PMU Artists.

This partnership allows us to bring you products that meet your high standards and help you take your work to the next level. Together, we're here to help you shine and provide your clients with an unforgettable experience! Let’s take a closer look at the new Brow Pigments Kit.

Supercilium x Perma Blend Collection

Meet the Brow Pigments Kit

Introducing the Brow Pigments Kit — our special collaboration with Perma Blend that gives you the best colors to create stunning, long-lasting brows! We have been in contact with PMU Artists who use Perma Blend to find out what are the four most used colors. And we found them!

This Capsule Collection features four beautifully pigmented colors: Barely Brown, Ready Medium, Mahogany, and Black Umber. Each shade is crafted with a blend of organic and inorganic compounds, resulting in vibrant colors that last and suit various skin types and tones.

Whether you're looking for a light, natural brown for a soft effect or a deep, rich black for a bolder statement, we've got you covered. These pigments are designed with a neutral to cool tone and different opacity levels, allowing you to create versatile and personalized looks for your clients.

Colors in the Brow Pigments Kit

Let's take a closer look at each pigment in the Brow Pigments Kit and see what makes them special for your brow game:

  1. Barely Brown: This delicate, lighter cooler brown color has medium opacity, making it perfect for creating natural-looking eyebrows that suit lighter skin tones. It's a versatile shade that works well as a base for different brow techniques.
  2. Ready Medium: Ready Medium is a stunning medium-brown shade that's highly versatile, making it a must-have in your kit. It's like that perfect morning cup of coffee with a splash of cream — a smooth, balanced color that serves as an excellent backdrop for different tones of natural brow colors.
  3. Mahogany: This deep, earthy brown brings contrast to various skin tones and offers a beautiful depth to your brow work. Mahogany can also be used as an eyeliner pigment, giving you even more options for creating stunning looks. See, the options are endless!
  4. Black Umber: The darkest shade in the Brow Pigment Kit, Black Umber, is a super cool, nearly black hue with a touch of warmth. It's ideal for melanin-rich skin tones and can also be used as an eyeliner color. This shade helps you achieve bold, dramatic looks your clients will love.

With these four amazing shades in your Brow Pigments Kit, you're ready to create beautiful brows that stand out. Experiment with mixing colors and techniques to craft personalized looks that suit each client's unique features and preferences.

Not only does this kit include the most popular brow pigments, but it also gives you the confidence to explore different PMU techniques such as Ombre Brows, Powder Brows or Combination Brows.

Brow Pigments Colors

Permanent Makeup Techniques

The Brow Pigments Kit offers you the freedom to explore a variety of permanent makeup techniques to craft stunning and customized brows for your clients. Here are some popular options you can play around with using the pigments in the kit:

Ombre Brows: Ombre Brows create a soft, gradient effect, blending multiple shades of pigment for a beautiful transition from lighter to darker hues. Your clients will love the natural look!

Powder Brows: Powder Brows give your clients a soft, filled-in look that mimics brow makeup. By using a single shade, you create a soft shading effect that adds fullness and dimension to the brows.

No matter which technique you choose, this Capsule Collection is loaded with versatile colors and top-notch pigments that deliver vibrant and long-lasting results. Customize your work to suit each client's unique style, and watch their brows come to life!

ombré brows by PMUHUB

Use the pigments as an eyeliner

The Brow Pigments Kit isn't just for brows — it's also perfect for creating stunning eyeliner looks! The shades in the kit can be used to define the eyes with a variety of techniques, giving your clients a unique and beautiful result.

You can use Mahogany for a deep, earthy brown eyeliner, which complements many skin tones and adds warmth and contrast to the eyes. For a bolder, more dramatic look, Black Umber can be applied to create intense, sharp lines that make the eyes pop.

eyeliner PMU by Cosmetics Tattoo Studio

Are you an aspiring PMU Artist?

This is your moment to shine! The Brow Pigments Kit is your key to stepping into the world of Permanent Makeup with confidence. With top-quality pigments and a versatile range of shades, you'll have everything you need to start your journey and create stunning brows and eye looks with Supercilium and Perma Blend by your side. It takes a lot of time and dedication to become a PMU Professional, but we got your back.

Your sign to add PMU to your Brow services

New to the PMU game? Add permanent makeup (PMU) to your services and take your Brow game to the next level! With the Brow Pigments Kit, you can expand your offerings and provide clients with long-lasting, beautifully defined brows and eye looks. Your clients will appreciate the convenience and long-lasting effects of PMU treatments, and you'll enjoy the opportunity to grow your business and stand out as a PMU Professional.

Supercilium x Perma Blend Collection

The Brow Pigments Kit opens up a world of possibilities for all Brow Artists, offering you the pigments to craft beautiful, natural-looking brows and create stunning eyeliner effects. Remember, in the world of beauty, small details can make a big impact. By mastering the techniques with our Brow Pigments Kit and exploring the creative potential they offer, you can level up your brow game and bring your clients' brow dreams to life. Again, this is your moment to shine, just like a pearl!

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