Lamination: Price Points & Patch Testing

23.09.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

So, we recently came across quite an interesting topic of question and we quickly realized that this may be a concern or cause of confusion for other brow babes in the industry. Just like with henna and brow tinting--a patch test for allergies or irritation is VITAL! This also goes for brow lamination! We realized quickly that although we actively repeat the importance of this--perhaps not everyone knows exactly how to patch test for lamination. 

This is why we wanted to explain how that works and expand on the treatment itself. Many beauticians ask how much they should actually charge for the treatment itself at their salon, and our answer is always dependant on region and location, of course. However, we wanted to give you an approximation or ball park figure of our largest markets so that you are simply more aware of what others are charging! 


Patch test

First things first, safety. Similarly to the henna patch test, it must be done at least 48 hours prior to the treatment itself. To conduct the test itself, take a micro brush or cotton swab and apply a small amount of solution number 1 behind the ear. Follow this procedure with the second and third solutions, (the laminate and nourishing oil), as well as the priming glue if that is intended to be used. The small dots of product should remain on the skin for approximately 24 hours before washing off. Check for any redness, itching, irritation, inflammation, etc. If there is no signs of any irritated skin or reaction--then it is safe to proceed with the treatment. If any of the previously mentioned signs have appeared, then wash off product with cold water and do not proceed with lamination. 

Easy enough, right? We just wanted to make sure everyone is clear on how to perform it because you and your client's safety is our number one priority at Supercilium!



Pricing at your salon

This is a tough one to put an exact price point on because the treatment itself truly fluctuates in price like crazy! According to Cosmopolitan magazine, it ranges anywhere from $80-$140 USD. However, we know for a fact this is definitely a higher price range for the US market. We did some research within our three key markets, Europe, USA and the UK to give you an exact average price per treatment for each region. Within the EU, the median price for brow lamination is €45. For the UK, the average price per treatment is £56. For the US, the average is $95 and treatments in California go for as high as $165! So as you can see--this is a huge fluctuation in price range depending on area and location! We leave it up to you to decide on a competitive price for your salon specifically--we just wanted to give you an accurate price range so that the reference is there and you can make your $$$!

Remember, the treatment lasts anywhere up to 6-8 weeks so this is a wonderful service for both you and your client! One of our Brow Glaze starter kits allow you to provide up to 30 treatments for only €99--so pricing is important in such a competitive market and an extremely popular treatment nowadays!

Happy laminating babes!