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For Bold Brows.

 Experience Brow Lamination at it's finest. Supercilium Brow Glaze tames unruly hairs for a symmetrical, fluffy look that will make your clients brows stand out and withstand the test of time! The Brow Glaze starter kit consists of everything you need to complete the treatment including our Brow Henna Botanical Cleanser made with tea tree oil, Relaxing Solution, The Laminat, Nourishing Elixir, priming glue and tools to comb and shape the brow hairs. Brow Glaze results in a semi-permanent brow lamination that lasts four to six weeks.

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This 3 step process involves a Relaxing Solution, Laminate and Nourishing Elixir. Used together correctly, the treatment acts as a type of perm for the brows that results in a fuller, thicker arch. If the brow is really stiff or not styled to your preference, priming glue is available to style and groom the hairs into place.

No. 1 Relaxing Solution To change the shape into the desired position. No. 1 contains hydrogen, which enables the disulfide bond to change shape.

No. 2 The Laminate No. 2 contains oxygen. The oxygen reorganizes the disulfide bonds, which changes the shape of the eyebrow hairs.

No. 3 Nourishing Elixir No 3. Contains nourishing substances. Use this product as the last step of your treatment. The lotion provides a deep moisturizing effect and nourishes the eyebrows, restores the structure of the hair, stimulates growth and protects eyebrows from adverse external effects.

Inspired by the idea that flawless works creates fearless women. Made with the beautician in mind. 

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Had some lovely results with the brow glaze. Customers are over the moon!

Thank you Sara, we are happy your clients love it so much! X

HI, Approximately how many uses can you get out of one starter kit?

Excellent service and fast delivery

Excellent service and fast delivery


Hi I'm sorry I have emailed you for instructions for the glaze product. I purchased it in London a few weeks ago. And I still have had no reply. Please can i have some sent to me thanks.

Dear Chantelle, Thank you for taking your time to leave a review. We will personally send you an e-mail with the manual for the Brow Glaze!
Effective and easy to use, but hard to combine with Henna.

Definitely worked the way it was intended. A quick process and easy to perform if you’re well versed in shaping brows. My only issue is combining it with a Henna tint. Having done my henna 2 days prior as recommended, this process pulled the tint off my skin in blotchy patches. Some gone altogether, some just very much lightened, so I’ll have to fill in with makeup until I feel comfortable doing another colour process. I’m wondering if it’s better to laminate first and colour after? The only thing that becomes an issue then is when the best time to shape is. Any additional info about how to best combine these services would definitely be helpful because I really want to avoid any over processing. I have lots of clients wanting to do both services together and having them come days apart will deter them from doing so. Is there any way to combine them in the same appointment as we would a lash lift and tint?

Dear Katie, thank you for your lovely review and feedback, this is very helpfull. Actually we are including this steps in our manual. The right way is indeed to first do the lamination and after 2 days the henna treatment. Thank you again and have a lovely day!

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