Definition is everything to you? Our Guide to a flawless bold brow look!

29.07.2022 3 min read

The defined brow look has been an OG brow trend that has kept its relevance and popularity till today!Over the years, the brow look has adapted itself to current eyebrow makeup trends.At Supercilium we have created an easy three-step routine for the most flawless bold brow look. No matter how your brow shape looks, you can easily create this defined, bold brow look with our Define-Sculpt-Control technique! 

Which brows are suitable for this look?

The sharp brow look has never disappeared. However, you can see a difference in this look from a few years ago and now. In the past it was a tight line set with pomade and nowadays it has become a tight but natural look. Where the start is not as dark as it used to be. This bold eyebrow look is perfect for our definition-lovers who love to set a statement! 

How to create the bold look?

Here you can find a step-by-guide to your most desired brow look!


Step 1: Define

To create this look, start by brushing up your eyebrow hair with ourSpoolie Brush. After that, grab ourBrow Micro Pencil and draw a very sharp line on the bottom line of your eyebrows. For the upper line we advise you not to start at the beginning of the eyebrow but a bit further down for a more natural look. Then, fill in your brows with the pencil and blend them out with ourSpoolie Brush to smoothen the lines a little bit.

Supercilium’s Extra Tipp: After applying Brow Control you might see some empty spots in your brows. You can fill these with our Micro Pencil.

Step 2: Sculpt

To accentuate the boldness of your brow we advise sculpting it with ourBrow Micro Concealerby drawing a line under your brow, starting from the beginning of the brow to the end of the brow. Blend out the concealer from the arch of your brow till the tail with ourBlending Brush. The line at the beginning of the brow should only be smoothened a bit so that the concealer is still visible, to give your brow that extra glimpse! 

Step 3: Control 

After that, lock in your beautiful creation with our special weapon, ourBrow Control. This final step will make sure your defined look will stay in place for the full day. Dampen the brush and gently dip it into the wax. Brush your brows into your desired shape and ourBrow Control will handle the rest by sealing in your look for 24h!

Supercilium’s Extra Tipp: If you are not completely satisfied with the result? Then dampen your eyebrow brush and go over it again to adjust the shape!

Shopping list of products you will need to perfect this look

Eyebrow Spoolie Brush 

 A Spoolie Brush is a basic tool that every brow lover needs. This Spoolie Brush is a high-quality brush so it can be used over and over again. Ideal to brush the eyebrow and eyelashes in every desired direction. Or use it to blend out eyebrow makeup for example our Brow Micro Pencil.

Eyebrow Micro Pencil 

 Our Brow Pencil has an ultra micro-tip for precise application. To create tight lines, hair-like strokes, and to fill the brows. With the small tip, you can easily create every desired brow shape.

Brow Micro Concealer

 Our Brow Concealer has been developed to sculpt and highlight the brows. By creating a sharp line below the lower brow line, you make every brow stand out. The thin line works as a highlighter for the brows. The trick is to choose a color that is lighter than your own skin tone.

Eyebrow Blending Brush 

With this Blending Brush, every brow will turn into a smooth and highly defined brow. The Supercilium Blending Brush is the tool that every brow lover needs. The size, shape, and hair structure are specially designed to work in detail in the small area around the brows. The blending brush is made from soft vegan hairs to blend eyebrow concealer well.

Brow Control

Our Brow Control positions the hairs in the right direction and seals them for 24H. Do you have unruly brow hairs or do you desire a look that is different from your natural brow shape? Create and seal every brow look with the Brow Control.

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