Why Henna Brows Trend Over All

26.08.2019 - Monique Kaminskaya

In a world filled with various brow trends, including microblading, tattooing, waxing, threading, HD brows, perms, etc. It’s easy to get lost in deciding what’s best for your beautiful set of brows. We are all about the latest trends and experimenting--however; here’s why henna brows are the ideal trend you want to stick with. 


You are able to choose which colour works best for your skin tone and brow hairs. Brow henna is quite versatile! You can not only select a colour, but also mix and match different colour combinations. You're able to create the perfect blend--or even the smoothest ombre-like brows of your choice. 

Commitment Issues

With many treatments, you have the risk of being stuck with brows that seem a little too dark, bold, thick, or incorrectly shaped for months on end. It’s like a tattoo! Henna sinks into the top layer of the skin, not under the skin. Therefore, you don’t need to undergo expensive or painful procedures to remove it if you should need to. Let’s face it--brows are a staple of the face. You want to make sure they suit you and you love looking at them daily. With henna, you are able to lose the need to fill or touch up your brows daily--for a shorter period of time. Our henna lasts on the skin for up to 2 weeks and on the hairs for up to 6. So if you have cold feet, they’ll warm up to the treatment in no time!

Pain Free Flawless Brows

Unlike any microneedling, waxing, etc, henna brows are pain free! You are able to shape the brows exactly how you like. Just layer on the tint, and wash off, all pain free and super easy! Our henna, for example, is a super easy to follow 5 step process. In under 30 minutes, you have perfectly shaped, flawless brows! Just roll out of bed and go!


Furthermore, many dyes and treatments contain extremely harmful ammonia that is no way healthy for the skin and hairs. Supercilium Brow Henna is made from 88% natural Henna. This is a natural dye NOT mixed  with ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.  Supercilium brow henna tint is cruelty free, vegan and made in an ecological minded factory. Our brow henna is made of the finest selected henna leaves from India. If eyebrow hairs are weakened by chemical dying--henna may be a good alternative. When looking for a longer lasting solution, henna lasts longer due to not only colouring the hairs, but staining the skin underneath it.

Brow Henna 


Feel free to explore different brow treatments! If you feel that henna brows are your choice--you know who to turn to ;) Find your perfect shade and get flawless brows today!


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