Top 10 Brow Lamination results

14.02.2022 - Sima Ahmed

Now that we've had the top 10 brow results it's time to showcase the top 10 beautiful wild lamination brows. Brow lamination has been a trend for a while now, rightfully so if you ask me! You can often make your brows look fuller with lamination. And if you're a brow freak like me then you've seen the awesome lamination brows results on Instagram. 

Tips for taking good eyebrow photos

Before I show you the entertaining results I want to talk about good photo creation for the lamination brows

Camera: You need a good camera. No, I don’t mean a pro canon camera but a phone with a good camera will do it. Nowadays phones have good cameras and are convenient to use. I’m an iPhone lover and have found that with an iPhone you can take great sharp and clear pictures.

Light: To take a good brow photo you need enough light. Only daylight will not suffice. Therefore, use a salon lamp or ring light. These ensure that the face of your client is clearly visible.

The right angle: This is perhaps the most important tip. Finding the right angle is very hard. Hold the camera close to the face and make sure the image is sharp. Often the best angle is just diagonal to the eyebrows.

Concealer: This is optional and can certainly create beautiful and sleek results. The skin around the eyebrows can often be red after a brow treatment. To hide blemishes and redness you can use concealer, this will increase the focus on the eyebrow.

Brush:This one is maybe the most important one. Brush the hairs of the brows in the right direction. This will ensure that you get super tight and slick eyebrow hair. 

Brow and Lash Lamination Brow Glaze

Brow Lamination results we are living for


The photo above was created by the lovely girls at Browstories. You can see that a subtle tint was applied to the brows and the hairs were brushed up nicely. This end result gives a natural yet full looking eyebrows. 


The photo above was taken by brow babe Fatima. The brow has a tight underline while the upper line of the brows is fluffy due to the brow lamination. This still gives a full but tight brow result.


The wild eyebrows above were created by brow babe browsbychloedoderer. For the fluffy brow result above, brow dye was applied in addition to the use of brow lamination. Of course, for a result like this, you'll need a big bunch of eyebrows yourself. But can we take a minute for the brush, LOVE IT.


The eyebrows above are shaped by browbabe perfectlinebyirina. This result proves once again that you can get a fluffy effect without having huge full brows. The eyebrows are nicely raised by the brow lamination. The tail of the eyebrows looks fuller after the brow lamination.  


The beautiful eyebrows above were created by browbabe natoriousbeauty. The clean underline gives the brows a clean look. The hairs are combed up nicely and this gives the brows the ultimate brow lamination wow effect. 


The perfect brow lamination brows above were created by angiemariebrows. Brow lamination is not only a treatment for people who want chunky fluffy brows but also for the sleek brow look. Above you can see the perfect example of brows that look fuller due to lamination but don’t have a dramatic effect.


The gorgeous brows above were created by browbabe lisa.curzon. To stay in the clean look vibe I chose to showcase these brows. You can see that her brow hairs are a little finer before the brow lamination and have some "gaps" between her brow shape. The brows look fuller after the lamination and cover more skin. This automatically makes the eyebrows look fuller. 


The fluffy eyebrows above were created by browbabe bulmerbeauty. Again you see the perfect tight underline with a wild top. This gives the brows a nice subtle fluffy look. We are obsessed. 


For the browlover among us who love extreme fluffy results this is your call.... The above eyebrows were created by browbabe aglowbychloe. Brow lamination and brow tint was used for this result. 

Who says brow lamination is only a treatment for women? See above the perfect result of Brow stories. The brow lamination can also make the eyebrows look sleek and natural. See the proof above. The eyebrows looked messy before the lamination. After shaping and lamination the eyebrow hairs are brought into perfect shape. This gives the face a softer look.

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