The power of good brows: Before & After

02.03.2021 - Myriam van Engelen

Knowing how to match the right brow shape with the right face shape is super important to create the best possible outcome. The right match can totally influence facial features by highlighting favorite features, or distract from the features clients aren't too happy with. 

In order to know what brow shape fits what face shape best, you first need to be familiar with all the types of face shapes. 
The right shape of eyebrows can for example balance out cheekbones that are too wide and can shorten, or even lengthen the face. We will shortly highlight the most common face shape and their ideal brow shape:

For a person with a long face, it’s best to go for a more flat brow with a low arch to create the illusion of a shorter face. Full and thick brows fit a square face best, to draw the attention from the jaw to the eyes. A diamond face shape is quite angular so a soft brow with a soft arch fits best to soften those angular features. For someone with a round face, a hard angled arch will lengthen the face. 

To show you how correctly trimmed and shaped brows affect facial features, we created this before and after video. The models already looked gorgeous before, but don’t they look even more gorgeous with the right shape brows created with our Brow Henna? We are in love with how their brows turned out and how they elevate their beauty even more!


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