Laminating & Tinting In One Sitting

As brow trends keep growing monthly, we are noticing more and more clients wanting that fluffy, lifted brow look--while also adding some tint to their brow hairs for the ultimate full brow look. This not only ensures that the brows are colored and looking their most vivid, but also that each hair is brushed upright and looking feathered--giving the face more dimension and youth! Not to mention--who doesn't like full, lifted brows nowadays?

Prior to improving our amazing Brow Glaze formula, we advised you to be weary of combining the two treatments for the sake of your clients hairs--but now, we've listened to your requests and you can provide both in one sitting! There is a technique to it and that's what we want to explain.

You begin with lamination first and foremost. This is because the chemicals in the lamination process could possibly strip away the henna pigment and color effectiveness as with any perm or chemicals you would apply to your hairs and skin. Think of it this way, back in the day--when perms were a thing, you'd never dye your hair first AND THEN get a perm, as that would strip away the dye. Same with brow henna and lamination, it's ultimately a similar chemical compound. Therefore, by beginning with the lamination--you are able to get the perm part out of the way and then work towards tinting. Not only is it safer for the color retention, it also makes henna tinting THAT much easier afterwards! This is because the hairs are already lifted and separated neatly upwards so it makes applying tint and mapping the brows that much simpler after--not to mention more satisfying!

Supercilium Brow Glaze


The trick here, though, is to skip the last step of the Brow Glaze treatment, which is the nourishing oil that is applied to the brows last. This is because we advise all beauticians to let their clients know that they should steer clear of any oils, oil based cleansers or creams and liquids etc after their henna brow treatment--so because we will apply the henna AFTER the lamination--we can't have any oil applied to the brow beforehand. So you just skip the last solution and move right into the henna tint process.

Supercilium Brow Henna

Once the henna process begins, you do everything as per usual! You can advise your client to avoid moisture, saunas, oil based cleansers etc for the next 24-48 hours and to enjoy their freshly lifted, tinted brows! This is the slight trick to making the best of both treatments in one!

Supercilium Brow Henna

Don't forget to perform a patch test prior to both treatments to ensure that your client has no allergic reaction! This is critical! 

Happy tinting beauties!


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