Koko Hayashi: Who is this Fearless Face Yoga Queen?

20.02.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

When we partnered with the one and only Koko Hayashi, we knew exactly what we were doing. In case you haven't heard of her before, let us break down who she is, why she is an expert in the field, and why she is the best person for us to have partnered with to create the Professional Browgasm course for beauticians. 

Koko Face Yoga Supercilium 

Koko is a Face Yoga Expert of over a decade, originally from Japan. Face Yoga has been popular for a long time now in Japan and she left her home country in 2017 to begin teaching it in her new home base of Los Angeles in 2018. 

 According to a study, which is referenced in The New York Times, "facial exercises may significantly reduce some of the signs of aging, by repeating specific, expressive movements on people’s appearance. The study, published in JAMA Dermatology, found that middle-aged women looked about three years younger after a few months of exercising, perhaps providing a reasonable, new rationale for making faces behind our spouses’ backs." 


Koko likes to think of Face Yoga as a natural alternative to Botox and Plastic Surgery. In fact, this is the main reason why this is of interest to her. She had a plastic surgery failure at the age of 27. A plastic surgeon had advised her to get a chin implant for a more elongated facial look. Once she decided that she wanted to have it explanted, her chin never went back to its original shape. Her chin became slightly distorted and tilted to one side. This is what inspired her to pursue natural beauty tactics, such as Face Yoga. She began to experience both physical and mental benefits and wanted to share the benefits with others. She founded Skin Fit Gym, which offers both in-person and online classes for worldwide accessibility.

 In case there is any questioning her credibility, fair warning: you can catch her on Good Morning AmericaMagic for Humans on NetflixABCLittle Women LA, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians--just to name a few!  Her clients include Kim Kardashian and her class was selected as the most popular yoga class at The Yoga Expo 2019! Koko is a CIDESCO license holder and her Youtube videos alone have generated over 17M in total views!

Which is why, when we began to develop a professional course for our new Browgasm Collection, we knew exactly who we needed to partner with. Supercilium has collaborated with Koko Hayashi, to develop a unique and fundamental treatment to enhance the upper face and brows in a whole new way.


Taking various crucial elements of her Face Yoga expertise, we have carefully crafted a Brow and Upper Face Massage with our Browgasm Gua Sha stone and oils to give every woman and beautician's client a unique, beneficial treatment. 


Koko has worked closely with us to identify specific problem areas in the upper face and brow zones, such as saggy lids, deep lines and wrinkles in between the brows (the 11th hour), as well as fascia and tension release, and so much more.

With her specifically designed techniques in combination with our Gua Sha stone and set of problem-solving oils, we have created a natural, botox-like remedy for women all over the world. 

We are honored to work with Koko and so excited for women, men, and everyone all over the world to try out a Browgasm as soon as our course goes live March 4th!