Henna Self-Tanning is Actually A Thing

27.07.2020 - Monique Kaminskaya

We wish we could say this comes as a surprise, but it's actually quite a logical concept. If we use Henna to stain our skin under the brows and the hairs on top of that--then why wouldn't it work just the same way on the rest of our body! We decided to look deeper into this idea to see if its a trend we would go for--or not!

What is it

It is exactly what it sounds like! Instead of going to a sunbed or getting a spray tan/using a fake tanner-- you can actually create your own sunless tanning option with henna. Henna powder produces a reddish/brown tone, varying with skin tone of course and could technically give you a "terracotta style" glow if properly applied. 

How do you do it

You would mix your henna the same way you would in order to dye brows. Except, according to an article we read, it says you would mix the henna with water and a few teaspoons of lemon juice. Apparently, the lemon juice brings out the pigment in the dye. Of course you would need the water to dilute the powder a bit so that it doesn't appear too dark and create a paste solution to apply to the skin. They also mention to apply a few teaspoons of sugar, which apparently prevents the mixture from cracking--but we have never heard of this before. 

Once you create the paste solution, let it sit and develop for a few minutes and when it looks brownish, it should be ready to use. You can then mix it with a lotion or baby oil that has no added fragrance. Fragrances typically reduce the effectiveness of any added products. After a few minutes, you can use some disposable gloves to apply the solution to your body. Beware: this is messy af! Be sure to try this in a bathtub with no light clothing/clothing you care about on you at all! This will get everywhere--just like with regular dye! 

If you keep the solution on longer, it will give you a darker colour. If you don't want it too dark, then take it off sooner. It's up to you whether you keep it on for a few minutes or a few hours. Either way, be sure to exfoliate your skin well before application, just like with regular fake tan. If it comes out orange, just know that it will fade gradually and wash off to a lighter colour. 

So what's the verdict?

As with regular fake tan, this is a tricky procedure. You never know if it's going to come out smooth, if the colour will be correct as you don't know the exact amount of time to leave it on to your liking, and if the time invested is worth the duration it lasts! Maybe a fun trend to try out once, but we don't know if its something we would continue religiously! We will just leave the henna to our brows!

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