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Hello brow bosses,

Here at Supercilum we praise ambitious women who start their own business and make a career out of the things that they love the most! The things that they go out of bed for, that inspires them and drives them to push their limits.

We’verecently collaborated with Franka Vedder, a young Dutch entrepreneur who started the jewellery brand Franky Amsterdam, www.frankyamsterdam.com, not so long ago. She is a graduate from AMFI, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, and here she discovered that her passion is designing jewellery. She wants to tell a story with her products, show their character. Each carefully created piece holds a different narrative, without saying a word. They are developed in a way that makes you feel passionate about yourself. 

We love self-made women and believe that when women work together, wonderful things happen. 

Supercilium is a brand that grew out of the love for brows, with the mission toempower women and make them feel confident. Jewellery and henna brows are both products that aimto give women thesense of individuality, power and boldness. 

We love fearless women who wear what they love, what makes them feel beautiful. The perfect jewellery in combination with the most defined henna brows completeyour look. 

You are ready to go, ready to rock this world. 

We are here to make you feel great about yourself!

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