Fall-Winter 2019 Beauty Necessities

23.10.2019 - Monique Kaminskaya

Recently, while readingan article by Vogue France--we fell in love with their Top 7 Beauty trends you need to know for Fall/Winter 2019-2020. We decided to give our take on our top trends we love this year as well. The days of heavy contour, thin/perfectly shaded in brows, and super bold smokey eyes have passed us--and we have a few necessities that we would prefer would stick around for the season and upcoming year. Let us show you our favourites:


First and foremost, we are a brow brand--so as mentioned in the Vogue France article, we are LIVING for statement brows. This year, differing from 2018--thick, bold, statement brows are so in. In contrast to the previous years where your brows had to be perfectly sculpted, angled, shaded in, and concealed. Although we are still passionate about all types of brows and shapes, we are really appreciating the newfound love for thick, natural, and quite eccentric brows--especially on the runway.


The glow up is real. Have you noticed how much more significant skincare has become in the last year or so? 2019 is all about “selfcare Sundays”, “face mask Fridays” and everything else that comes with perfecting that skin and giving yourself the ultimate glow. As of recently, that glow has become a whole look in itself. Rather than 24 hour wear, full coverage foundation--glowy, natural, “post-facial” skin is in. And we love it. Rather than heavy foundation, skin tint and BB creams have made their way into the beauty industry in a huge way! We love that natural skin look with a touch of highlight in the right places and giving brows, lips, and lids the center of attention.


Speaking of bold, now bold eyeliner is really becoming a trend of the year. Not bold, black cat eyeliner--but rather neon, bright colored, and highlighted liner! NYFW had a crazy amount of models walking the runway with bold, bright imperfectly lined lids and we can definitely appreciate the trend going hand in hand with the statement brows. A little pop of color never hurt anybody!


Next up is glossy lips. That’s right, the old school 2000’s “lip smacker” clear glossed lips are making a soft return. We are obsessed with a simple illuminated, glowy face, bold brows and clear glossy lips. Is there a purer and more simple, beautiful look out there? Although we can never turn down a bold, rich, classic-red lip--lately we are more into the bold brows and lashes, while keeping the skin and lips quite neutral. We pray this trend stays far into 2020!


Naturally, we had to conclude with the sister of good brows. With good brows, usually comes good lashes. They go hand in hand most of the time and we can’t turn down a nice pair of lashes. In 2019, bold lashes have also shown up with plenty of options on how to achieve them. Falsies have become a thing of the past, with options such as lash extensions, lifts, etc. We love a pair of long, cat-eye inspired lashes that can glam up any face shape easily. We love the bold lash look because just like brows, lashes can change your entire look effortlessly. 

A bold set of lashes, glowy skin, statement brows, and clear gloss and you’re ready to dominate Fall/Winter 2019 and make your way into 2020 with a bang, for sure.