How to safely rock the 90's brow

12.09.2022 3 min read

We all know the 90's as the baggy clothing style with baggy jeans, baseball uniforms and Tommy Hilfiger as everyone's favorite brand. Did you know that in the 90's almost everyone walked with overly tweezed eyebrows. We see that besides the fluffy and natural eyebrows the 90 brows are making a come back. If you want to rock this look safely read how to do it.

The trend: super thin brows

The eyebrow is still unprecedentedly popular in beauty. Lamination and natural eyebrows have dominated the street scene for the past few years, but we've seen that change in recent months: the thin 90s-inspired eyebrow is becoming more popular. Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid have already joined this trend, and on TikTok the nineties brow is also being fully embraced. Anno 22, the eyebrows are no longer tweezed like a Nike logo but in nice clean lines.


The risks of the 90s brows

In brow salons, brow stylists still encounter women with the 90s brows on a daily basis. This can be recognized by its comma /nike shape. This trend is not without danger. Did you know that during epilation you can damage your hair follicle and the hair can never grow back? Trends do not last forever, over-plucked eyebrows unfortunately do. So be wise and don't pluck them away! The use of growth eyebrow serums will also often not help in this case. Fortunately, there is a solution to follow this trend without permanent eyebrow damage.


The new 90's brows in a few steps

Step 1: golden ratio

The difference between the 90's eyebrow is that the eyebrow shape back then had a comma/nike shape. With today's trend, we see that the thin eyebrow follows the golden brow ratio. This golden ratio consists of three points, see the image below. By connecting these three points you maintain the right proportions in the face.

Point 1. That's where your eyebrow begins
Point 2. That is the highest point of your eyebrow
Point 3. That's where your eyebrow ends

If you always follow these three lines you will create the ultimate proportions and ensure symmetry in your face. Use this as input when you're working on shaping.

Golden Brow Ratio Supercilium

Step 2: Shave and don't tweeze.

Supercilium has special precision eyebrow razors where you shave the hairs, but don't pull out the root, as you do with tweezing. This leaves the hair follicle undamaged. Your hairs just grow back. This keeps you flexible when you want to try a new eyebrow look again.

How to do it?

  1. Buy a face or brow razor.
  2. Make straight movements with the razor horizontally towards your eyebrow. Do this with small careful movements so that you do not shave off too much in one go. Follow the golden ratio to get to the right shape.
  3. Do this at the top and bottom:
    At the bottom make sure the line from the beginning to the highest point is as straight as possible.
    On the top, you want to remove the downy hairs. Generally, you want to keep your brow as high as possible for an open look.
    Make sure the lines of the brow are as straight as possible with a nice angle

Step 3: Use brow makeup to fake your 90's brow

With make-up you can create a thinner effect without having to tweeze all your hairs. This is a good idea if you want to change your brow look later on. With the following steps you can create the perfect skinny brow in no time:

1 - Brow Micro Pencil
Normally when you want to create a fuller brow, you put the lines of your brow pencil on the lower and upper line of the brow to create thickness. To create thinner brows, put a line inside the hairline. Both at the top and bottom. This way you optically create a thinner eyebrow.

2 - Brow Micro Concealer
Use a concealer to make your eyebrow look tighter. This will create extra contrast and make your tight shape stand out even more. To do this, draw a tight line at the top and bottom of your brow. Blend the line to avoid too hard lines and create a natural effect.

3: - Brow Control
Use Brow Wax to comb your hairs towards each other instead of making them fluffy. Always comb the hairs down first, before lightly combing them back up and to the side. By combing them down first, the entire hair is covered with the wax. This keeps them in place even better.




Want to try out the 90's look? All the products needed to safely rock this look are available in our webshop.