Airbrush Developer 3%

Liquid Oxydant


To reach the best staining power possible, you need a special Airbrush Developer to create a beautiful skin stain. This Liquid Oxydant has the perfect consistency to create the best mixture with the Liquid Dye for your Airbrush Machine. 

Mixing ratio: 1:1. 1 drop of Liquid Dye with 1 drop of Airbrush Developer. 

long lasting

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  • The same power as you’re used to, but specially developed in a liquid consistency: the Airbrush Developer 3%. For the Airbrush technique you need a different Oxydant Developer than normal to get the best staining results. The Airbursh Developer is your companion to get the best Airbrush brows results. 

  • Himalayan Spring Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Hydrogen Peroxide(50%), Di-Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Stannate, HEDP (1-Hydroxyethylidene) Diphosphonic Acid.

  • Mixing ratio: You can mix the dye in a 1:1 ratio, meaning 1 drop of Liquid Dye, equals 1 drop of Airbrush Developer.  
    Mix your Developer and Liquid Dye in the airbrush cup, and mix by using the backflush technique. 

    Warning: Contains Hydrogen Peroxide. Wear suitable gloves.

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Lynneth Rodriguez
Airbrush developer

Its is very strong for brows but it stays perfect on skin love it!

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